Final Fantasy 7 - Cloud's Buster Sword A Big Surprise For Caroline

A Big Surprise For Caroline

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Summary: Caroline truly loves her husband, Norman, but their sex life has been dull lately. After a chance encounter at the family hot spring, her mind is opened to new possibilities that she never could have imagined.

Published Date: 2022-10-25
Words: 5075
Status: Complete (Potentially)!
Fandom: Pokemon (Caroline RSE / Rillaboom)
Rating: Explicit (NSFW)
Category: F/M
Tags: Referenced Norman, Pokephilia, Vaginal Sex, Hot Springs & Onsen, Pining, Netorare, Implied/Referenced Cheating, Large Breasts, Creampie, Large Cock.

Once again, Caroline had the house to herself.

Her dear husband Norman would be out once again for the entire weekend, busy with a gym leader conference. While she hadn’t minded Norman’s job as gym leader—and all that came with it—at the beginning of their relationship, she found herself feeling lonely lately. Both of their children were following in their father's footsteps, becoming the type of trainers that filled her heart with pride. Yet, Caroline found it difficult being the dutiful housewife when there was very little to take care of anymore. She filled her time by finding chores to take care of the house, talking with the other wives who were her long time friends and by helping take care of some of May, and Max’s Pokémon that couldn’t join them for one reason or another on the next leg of their journey.

It really wasn’t anything to write home about; May had a Skitty she’d had her mother babysit at one point, and Max had even had Caroline watch over a very feisty Munchlax. It had been so simple, just a little bit of idle work, another task added to Caroline’s list.

 But that changed when Max left behind his Rillaboom.

Caroline watched the suds in the sink bubble under the pressure of how she washed the dishes. She sighed, humming to herself as she worked.

Unlike the Munchlax or Skitty that Caroline watched over in the past—basically cute baby Pokémon—Rillaboom was powerful, stronger, carefully carved with muscles. Rillaboom was kind, even so far as being sensitive to Caroline’s needs—he would help her with the daily chores without being asked. It had shocked Caroline at first, but she’d grown fond of it, trusting in him to help her reach the tall upper cabinets by lifting her up in his arms, or letting him be the one to carry down things from the attic whenever she needed them. Caroline even found herself making Rillaboom lunches with the same devotion that she’d showered her husband with. It filled her with such joy to see how Rillaboom appreciated her and her efforts.

Caroline did love Norman. She valued her marriage. She was never the type of woman to think outside of the commitments she’d made. But deep down, she really did feel like something was missing from her marriage. Despite Caroline’s best efforts to keep Norman’s interest, things had grown dull. She knew that he loved her too, but they had so little time together; Norman was kept so busy that Caroline’s needs—particularly her sexual needs—were rarely met.

Caroline let out a long breath that she hadn’t realized she’d been holding in. Her eyes fluttered closed, silky brown strands of her carefully styled bangs flowing against the force of her exhale, the sigh that contained all her feelings of frustration about the lull her relationship had quieted to.

She’d definitely have to take a break from doing the dishes. They were giving her too much time to think, and she was working herself up in a way that would only cause her sadness. Caroline shook her head, peeling off her pink dish gloves, leaving them against the counter. After the long day she’d had, taking Tuesdays to always scrub down all of the floors of the house, her body was tired, her muscles sore. It had been such a calm day, but she was tense from all of the thoughts roaming through her mind. Maybe she could just come back to the dishes after she’d had a nice, relaxing soak in their family hot spring. That always made her feel better.

Caroline walked down the same path she always did, peeling off her shirt gently when she arrived at the spa. She was down to her bra and her pants, waiting to shimmy out of them once she got closer to the bath, not wanting to get too cold in the crisp air. She felt good as soon as she could smell the fresh, warm water, savoring all the gentle, peaceful sounds that always relaxed her. She slid the door open to step out into the spa, and then…

Rillaboom was walking out of the water, standing up to leave after his soak. It all happened so fast that Caroline didn’t know what she was seeing until her eyes were directly on him, tracing the thick lines of muscle of his body, seeing how, even though he was fully relaxed, his body had impressive definition, glinting and still wet from his bath. Caroline could see all of the broad, sturdy, rippling muscles of his chest, his abs, clearly defined, his legs so toned, and his—

His fully erect cock! Caroline gasped quietly, putting her hands over her mouth. Caroline had never, ever seen anything like it before. The sheer size of it was enough to make her head spin. How could it even get that big? She stared in shock, a blush beginning to creep across her face. Rillaboom’s cock pulsed faintly as she lost herself gazing at it. It looked like it was as wide as her arm… 

Caroline slid the door back as quietly as she could, not wanting to draw attention to herself. She stepped back onto the porch, waiting to hide until he was finished leaving and having his turn in the spring. She was almost sweating, her hands locked against the handle, her only barrier from the scene she had just witnessed.

That couldn’t have been real… could it? 

Caroline waited until the coast was clear, watching through the thin slots in the door as Rillaboom walked to the opposite end of their home. She took some time to catch her breath, trying to reason away what she had seen, but the sight of it was seared into her memory.

When she knew for sure that Rillaboom was gone, she finished undressing herself, checking both ways for any signs of other surprises. There were none; it was the same warm, relaxing bath that she was used to. She sank into the water, feeling it against her gentle, naked skin. It released some of the tension she’d been feeling. Caroline closed her eyes, letting herself go slack in the water, washing herself and enjoying all the pleasant feelings of it. She convinced herself she was blushing because of the heat of the water—not because she was having such a hard time getting Rillaboom’s erection out of her mind.

While she was busy occupied with the water, absorbed in its comfort, Rillaboom was wandering back, trying to pass through the spa area. Caroline didn’t notice him, but now it was his turn to see her in such a naked, compromised position. He could see Caroline for how voluptuous she really was. Although he was used to the curves of her body when she was fully clothed, seeing her without her usual outfits made him feel curious, her shapely female form enticing him. Rillaboom could see her heavy breasts, how they gently bounced as she stroked her arms softly, soothing her body. He was absolutely mesmerized by the smooth curves of her body, the way her skin looked so soft and clean, how she flushed such a beautiful, delicate pink…

He left the area after she dunked her head under the water. When Caroline rose back up, rubbing the water from her face, she thought she noticed him walk away. She couldn’t be sure, but even just imagining that he could have seen her just as she had seen him made her heart pound. Caroline felt embarrassed but equally flustered, knowing that his cock would have still been just as hard as when she’d accidentally seen it—if he really had seen her. Could she really be feeling excited about something like that? She wasn’t the type of girl, she thought, that would ever enjoy that kind of attention, and especially not from a Pokémon.

Her imagination ran wild. She couldn’t let herself think about it anymore. The rushing streams of thoughts bursting forth to her were all brand new, shocking to her in their intensity. She blushed a deeper pink as she imagined what Rillaboom’s face might have looked like if he’d watched her, or how his massive cock might have responded to her naked body. Was it possible for it to get bigger than it was when she’d seen it just moments before?

Caroline rose from the bath, done with letting her newly born fantasies get the best of her. While her body felt more relaxed, her mind was now filled with a completely different set of thoughts. She told herself she would certainly put these strange, new ideas out of her mind and that she would get back and finish the dishes.

Caroline toweled herself off, letting her leg rest against the lip of the edge of the spring, getting herself dry before stepping into her comfortable clothes. The cool air felt nice against her, sobering her slightly from her running fantasies, if only for a moment. She walked back to the kitchen, ready to put this whole thing behind her, to chalk it up to just being an accident. 

She settled her hands back down into her dish gloves, feeling them creak against her fingers. She began to polish the dishes, working delicately, resting the plates in a pile on the kitchen counter. In the rhythm of the motions, her mind wandered, drifting back to Rillaboom and his surprising cock once more. 

It was hard for her to think about such a thing, but she began to reflect on the interactions between her and Rillaboom. She played back a particular moment that they’d shared. She could picture it so clearly, a fantasy of how Rillaboom watched her with warm eyes—even when Caroline could have sworn he was looking somewhere he really shouldn’t have, as though his knowing gaze was focused on her heavy chest with curiosity and admiration—this was something that Caroline couldn’t stop looping  in her mind. The mere thought of it sent her body tingling.

Caroline finished going through the plates. She started to work the forks and knives, all the while trying to convince herself to put such flights of fancy out of her mind completely.

Each time she gripped the handles of the forks, her mind flashed her the image of Rillaboom’s huge cock. She could see it as clearly as she had before, in a way that made her feel as though she were going crazy—but she was still capable of denying it, returning to her work and pretending as though it had never happened. She made quick work of the cutlery, trying desperately to escape the growing feelings and desires that had awoken within her, these feelings that she had no idea she could be capable of.

Her hands brushed against the long, wooden ladle. She gasped, imagining that she’d accidentally touched Rillaboom’s impressive length. She reminded herself that it was just a wooden ladle; after all, it would pale in comparison to the real thing. She slid her hand down the length of it and back up again. The real thing was so much wider than this, she thought. It would probably feel so warm, especially right after coming out of the bath. Her hand ran down the base of the ladle, scrubbing it down until her palm struck against the bowl of it before moving to stroke it up and down again. Before long, she was lost in her fantasy, lost in the memory of how Rillaboom looked, standing there so tall and strong with his powerful body, his pulsing erection. Caroline couldn’t help herself, couldn’t stop her fingers from squeezing down firmly against the ladle, working it up and down harder and harder, scrubbing the handle with far more force than was necessary. She smiled to herself as she daydreamed about placing her hands around that trunk of a cock. She breathed heavily, nearly moaning from the growing pleasure of her fantasy, the fantasy of being the one to get to give Rillaboom a long, sensual handjob…

She was torn from her fantasy abruptly, the handle cracking between her hands. She stared down into the soapy water, pulling up where the handle had broken in two so she could see it better. 

She was so excited she’d actually gone and broken it! Caroline flushed bright red at herself, in disbelief of her actions. She set it on the counter, trying desperately to regain control of herself, of her growing desires.

She shook her head at herself.

“What’s gotten into me?!” She chastised herself, sweeping up the mess that the broken ladle had made. She tossed it, clapping her hands together. There was nothing more she could do for the house. It was time for her to have a break and hope that this strange obsession passed her by.

Later that night, when Caroline thought for sure everyone else would be asleep, she made her way back down to the spa. She still couldn’t get the sight of Rillaboom and his impressive cock out of her mind no matter how hard she’d tried. She hoped that by going to the spa she could find some way to relax—but deep down, she knew that maybe she really hoped that she would get to see the amazing display of his cock one more time—not that she’d ever be able to even admit it to herself.

When she arrived, Rillaboom was already there. They saw each other, exchanging a knowing look. Caroline swallowed. Well, he’d seen her now.

There was no point in making things uncomfortable. She could control these feelings. They could share the bath together. It would be fine, she reasoned, even though she felt heat rising in her lower tummy, swirling through her.

She took off her clothes, trying not to be embarrassed, even when she was sure that Rillaboom was staring at all of her body. 

It’s just a Pokémon . She told herself, but it wasn’t much use. 

Lots of people bathe with their Pokémon , she tried to reason with herself, denying that she had secret motives to getting so close beside him naked.

Rillaboom sank down into the water beside her, the two close enough together that Caroline found it difficult to think about anything other than what might be springing to life between his muscular legs. 

The water itself had medicinal salts, making the waves a green-gray. She couldn’t see super clearly underneath it, but she could feel the reassuring warmth of Rillaboom’s legs pressed against hers. 

Caroline blushed at herself, at the thoughts that she felt were so obvious that Rillaboom might have heard them. She tried to focus on her own body but then she felt something hard and firm press against her wrist.

She gave Rillaboom a curious look. She knew it was his cock—it had come from between his legs and it throbbed against her. She didn’t move her wrists, shocked. She felt it pulse again, beckoning her to finally touch it on her own.

Caroline moaned, losing the last threads of her self control. She could feel just from how the tip of his cock pressed into her arm that it was so powerful, so strong… even the way that it felt against her skin brought her a rush of erotic joy.

Caroline’s hands moved on their own, her delicate fingers sinking down to find where Rillaboom’s erection waited for her to finally touch it and take care of it. Caroline’s hands trembled with excitement, suddenly feeling this new, incredible dick between both of her hands. 

She stroked it, letting her hands fall until they reached the base of his cock, falling against his heavy balls. She moaned, realizing by just how long it had taken her to even get one stroke down against his cock how impressive the length truly was. Caroline felt her pussy shudder with excitement as she brought her hands back up to the tip, measuring him with her hands once more, gently squeezing his cock in a way that made Rillaboom roll his head back in satisfaction.

“It’s probably really hard to deal with when you have such an intense erection…” Caroline sighed, working her hands up and down his cock, finally getting to explore it how she’d imagined, even more entranced than she’d been earlier in the kitchen when she’d imagined it. Oh, the real thing was much, much better. “Let me help you... It’s the least I can do to make up for you being so kind to me.”

Rillaboom made a low sound from Caroline's perfect handjob for him, loving how her gentle hands felt stroking his cock. It wasn’t very long until he was reaching for her too, guiding his hands to Caroline’s breasts, one of the parts of the human female form that he was most interested in, most curious about.

Rillaboom grunted with arousal as he claimed Caroline’s breasts between his large hands. Despite the size of Caroline’s soft tits, his palm could easily claim them, wrapping around them completely. They were so plush, caving to his eager grip. It was obvious he enjoyed learning all about the pleasures that the female body had to offer—and they had barely gotten started!

Caroline moaned under his fierce touch, his animalistic lack of inhibitions making her feel overwhelmed. Rillaboom brought another hand to her other breast, massaging both at once. Caroline flushed with embarrassment when she realized how her body continued to betray her. Her pink nipples were standing hard and erect under Rillaboom’s experimentations. When was the last time that Norman had made her feel so… turned on? When Norman was last home, had he even noticed the lingerie she’d worn for him, or paid attention to her breasts so closely…? Caroline had to face these feelings as Rillaboom sent her further into uncontrollable pleasure, into mind-numbing bliss. She was weak against it when this very touch was the precise thing she had been missing for so long, the only thing missing from her perfect marriage.

Caroline felt Rillaboom’s cock stiffen even more in her hands as he played with her warm tits. She licked her lips, amazed that he could get even bigger than he already was—and all because of her body, no less. She slid her soft hand down against it again, feeling the way that even his cock felt so impossibly strong, likely as strong as his reliable arms or any other part of his muscular form. She had to use two hands to even massage it properly—her dainty hands were just so small compared to him. Caroline became lost in the rhythm of pumping her hands around his cock while he had his way with her breasts. She felt so dizzy, so thoughtless, but all in the best possible way, in a way that only made her crave more and more .

“Oh, I just can’t hold back anymore…” Caroline sighed, nearly moaning when she felt Rillaboom’s fingers start to rub against her nipples. Between that and the way that his steaming cock felt between her hands, she couldn’t deny what she really wanted. She pumped his cock faster, rolling her fingers gently, so delicately over the head of his cock, urging it to join her in the pleasure that was taking control of her.

She leaned closer to him, straddling him where he sat. Caroline let her instinct take over, pressing herself into his warm, muscular chest, sliding her fingers down along his body, exploring it in a way she hadn’t before. Rillaboom looked at her with gentle, knowing eyes, accepting her closer into his arms, bringing his hands to claim her hips. Caroline gasped when she felt his erection poking into her thighs, searching for the spot between her legs that it really wanted to penetrate.

Rillaboom’s inquisitive cock had Caroline panting, moaning, especially with the way he held her so tightly. Now that she’d started, now that she’d finally touched his swollen erection, she couldn’t get enough. She’d have to go all the way.

“Please, Rillaboom…” She breathed, grinding her hips down so her smooth, wet pussy brushed against the tip of his immense dick as she spoke. “Satisfy me…”

Rillaboom knew exactly what she was asking for. He wanted it just as badly as she did. His cock ached, only feeling flashes of relief when it pressed and rubbed against the smooth outer lips of Caroline’s pussy. With searching probes, thrusting his hips the same way that she did, he quickly had the tip of his cock pushing against the place that they both wanted it the most.

She felt so excited, too excited. She knew she was wet, she could feel it slick against her thighs—it was only the beginning, but it had been such a long time since she had felt anything like this. In fact, she couldn’t remember ever being this excited about a man since she was a teenager, when she’d first met Norman—but this wasn’t a man, it was a Pokémon! It was hard for her to think about, hard for her to begin to accept that, no matter how hard she fought it, her mind had been totally won over by Rillaboom’s massive cock.

Rillaboom pressed it up against her, finding the exact spot to sink himself in. 

Caroline felt herself stretching open to accommodate such a massive size. Rillaboom was patient, gentle even, as he pressed more of the head of his cock inside her. If it weren’t so big it would have slid in effortlessly since Caroline was impossibly wet, so excited for him to give her the extra special attention she’d craved, the overwhelming sensations she was searching for.

And overwhelming it was. Now the head of his cock popped inside. Caroline moaned loudly, feeling it stretching her wide, preparing her to be capable of taking the rest of his monster cock.

She was afraid it would hurt but it didn’t; in fact, it felt incredible, so good that Caroline thought she might cum right away. Rillaboom made her feel so pleasantly full.

“Feels good~!” She sighed, slowly rocking her hips to encourage Rillaboom, to let him know that she was enjoying it just as much as he was and that her body was prepared to take more.

Rillaboom pushed her hips down, his cock being sucked in eagerly by Caroline’s tight pussy. It managed to spread open just enough to barely fit his cock. Caroline made cute sounds, moaning as he worked himself in further and further.

Rillaboom could hardly believe how amazing the female form felt against him, what relief it brought to his aching, swollen dick even though it all had left him only wanting more. His primal instincts drove him to answer the call of Caroline’s body. He ran his thumbs down from her breasts, feeling the way that her hips curved—so shapely, so graceful, tapering like an hourglass. He was entranced, feeling how her slick skin, decorated with beads of hot water, felt rushing against his palms as he brushed down lower. He felt her smooth tummy, groaning to himself at the prize that was now all his own, the woman that was falling apart in his arms.

“Ohhh~!” Caroline exclaimed. She had lost rational control of her body under such a tender touch. “Yes, please, touch me more!”

Caroline rolled her hips, teasing Rillaboom’s cock as it slid into her eager, adventurous pussy, deeper by the second. He felt the way that her warm, wet walls squeezed around the couple of inches he’d worked inside her, the way it felt like she was giving him the most amazing hug with the secret feature that all women had to offer men.

Ropes of arousal corded through Rillaboom’s abdomen, causing him to clench his hands more firmly around Caroline’s waist—all the while she kept rocking against his cock, begging wordlessly for him to impale her deeper, harder.

He thrust inside her with a strength that sent Caroline crying out in delight, the overstimulation incredible, mind-shattering. He’d hilted himself inside her tight, shuddering pussy. Rillaboom grunted, low and filled with need, as he felt the way that Caroline was at the maximum her body could handle—just the right fit for his dick.

The length that Caroline could not even imagine was now deep inside her, throbbing against her, stretching her wide open. It felt so forbidden but so good, too good. She panted, thinking to herself that this was everything she needed. She felt so complete.

“It’s… you’re…” She tried to gasp the words but Rillaboom needed friction. He’d started to toy with her, pulling her upwards on his dick before pushing her all the way back down to the base again. It was a slow pace, almost gentle despite the furious desire they equally felt for one another. “Oh… you’re…. Yes… it’s so… big!”

It was clear through Caroline’s abdomen, the shape of his mighty cock swelling through her skin, the perfect outline. Her pussy loved the feeling of it, loved how Rillaboom knew—by instinct alone—exactly how she needed to be penetrated, exactly where she needed him to press, to apply more force…

Rillaboom used Caroline like a toy, a tool that he swung up and down, gripping her around her waist with ease. Caroline was weak from the rapture of the moment, her arms going slack, letting herself be used for Rillaboom’s gratification. Every time he slammed her down against his heavy balls, it made a wet slap, evidence of how much Caroline enjoyed being treated like this—she was so wet it made his entire cock sticky and slick with it. Even as he kept pounding her, mating her as though she were a Pokémon too, her pussy kept hungrily drooling her cum all over his cock and his balls, always ready for more, thrilled to be used to the absolute breaking point of what she could physically manage.

Caroline felt so conquered, loving the sensations that had her eyes rolling back. A thin line of drool was across her rosy pink lips as she was fucked apart.

Rillaboom couldn’t get enough either. By now, the sound of their sex was obvious, so perverted in nature as it rang out through the spa, wet plopping that kept speeding up each time Rillaboom thrusted himself into her warm cunt. He really was breeding her, maybe even harder than he would have with another Pokémon. With the way that she squeezed and encouraged his cock, Caroline was all that he wanted. His cock throbbed, feeling all the textures inside her, sunken inside the place that had been so neglected, now completely satisfied.

Caroline wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She began to rock her hips, shaking them in a way that made her ass and tits bounce. Rillaboom could feel her breasts as they swayed against him, pressing into his muscled chest. Although Caroline was sweating and nearly exhausted from the effort of such passionate sex, Rillaboom’s strength was unmatched. He was such a strong Pokémon that he could easily keep going as long as it took for him to cum—and he’d have a lot more energy even after that.

Caroline moaned, threading her fingers into his fur. Without hesitating, while she still shook her hips, milking his monster cock in a way that felt like heaven, Caroline pressed gentle kisses against his lips. She whined against them, her lips so dainty against him.

Rillaboom could feel her faint lipstick, making Caroline’s pink lips feel even softer. He snorted, turned on even more by this show of her affection and her need. He had to fuck her harder, barreling into her with all that he could.

Caroline was being mated with so hard that she couldn’t think anymore. The only thing she knew was how amazing Rillaboom felt. Her sweet, romantic kisses quickly changed into much sluttier ones. She licked against his lips with her sweet tongue, kissing against him like she would if she were French kissing.

Rillaboom slowly learned that he could kiss her too. He’d never kissed her before, and it made the way that they were fucking feel all the more astounding to him. 

Caroline sucked at Rillaboom’s lips, rolling her tongue against his when he returned her kisses. The kiss was sloppy, as eager as the way that they were pounding each other.

When Caroline broke away to catch her breath, Rillaboom grunted again, tightening the way that he held her, using her like she was an onahole. 

Caroline saw stars. Every time his heavy balls swung into her ass from the force of how he penetrated her, she felt like she could cum. She wrapped her legs around Rillaboom, trying to force him deeper inside, loving how her belly swelled from how he slammed his cock into her, missing it when he slid out even for a second.

She wasn’t going to be able to stop herself from cumming if he kept this up. And there were no signs of stopping. If anything, the more sex they had, the more Rillaboom picked up the pace. She was going to cum—and she was going to do it on Rillaboom’s cock.

Caroline blushed, too deep in pleasure to feel embarrassed about what joy it brought her. She cried out, calling his name, her pussy twitching around Rillaboom’s thickness, sucking it deeper, kissing it inside her pussy.

She felt Rillaboom’s cock start to pulse. Knowing he was close was almost too much for her to bear.

“R-R-Rillaboom!” She breathed. “I’m… I’m gonna—!”

Rillaboom seemed to know that something amazing was about to happen. He fucked her harder, feeling his balls tighten, ready to release what would be the first load of many inside her.

Caroline came around him, suckling him so deeply that Rillaboom felt himself brought to orgasm as well.

Rillaboom’s heavy cock began to pump Caroline full of cum, filling her even more than had ever thought was possible. Her stomach swelled with his cum, her pussy totally filled with it—and it was still filling her with more . Caroline had never been so full of semen—or dick—in all of her life.

It was perfect. It was addictive.

One round of sex would never, ever be enough for either of them.