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Pokemon Trading Card Game Claim Clique

This concept is inspired by claim cliques from the web of yesteryear past!

How it works is you can claim any three cards from the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Once a card has been claimed, no one else can claim it!
Please consult the list here of the cards that have already been claimed before submitting a claim request.

Please post your cards somewhere on your website and link back here so other people can join in on the fun! Any website is welcome to join~
You must have an actual website to join, so no social media platforms like Tumblr or Facebook etc.

Members: 3
Cards Claimed: 9

Then, add the following code to your website!

<a href=""> <img height="200" src="IMAGE OF YOUR CARD"></a><br> My TCG partner // <strong>NAME OF CARD</strong>


My favorite card is DARK VAPOREON
My favorite card is <strong><a href="">NAME OF CARD</a> </strong>

Feel free to tinker with the code to match the feelings/needs of your website!

Legendary Collection & Team Rocket/Dark Vaporeon, Expedition/Pichu, McDonald's Promo/Umbreon

Neo Destiny/Light Jolteon, Neo Destiny/Light Vaporeon, Ex Sandstorm/Raichu ex

Neo Genesis/Lugia, Ex Sandstorm/Quilava, Nintendo World Promo/Shadow Lugia

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