Links: Shopping

In no particular order...


My go-to site for beading materials. Reasonably priced, fast shipping and tax free for status card holders.

Indigenous fashion brand, very high quality. Also collaborates with many different Indigenous artists.

Strong Nations Publishing
Indigenous book publisher. In addition to publishing books in English and French, it also publishes books in native languages like Cree, Anishinaabemowin, Mi'kmawi'simk, Inuktitut and more.

Gaming: Hardware

They have a ton of really cool stuff to mod your GBA, as well as flashcarts and wireless adaptors for things like shiny hunting...
3DS and DS phat capture card installation/boards. Usually closed for orders due to high demand.

The Satiator
"The world's most advanced drive emulator for the Sega Saturn."


Limited Run Games
Really annoying FOMO tactics but I have to admit that their retro bundles really get me. It's worth keeping an eye on. So far, I've missed every single CAVE release. *cries*

Strictly Limited Games
Same business model as Limited Run (annoying) but they tend to have a LOT more Shmups. I was absolutely delighted to grab the Deathsmiles release they did and it glorious to play in handheld mode on my Switch.
Keep in mind, it took over a YEAR for me to recieve my order.


Otaku Republic
Primarily sells doujinshi. For 99% of items, it is more expensive to purchase here than through a proxy service, but if you want explicit NSFW materials, many proxy services will deny your order so you'll have to do it here. This mostly has a male character focus, go here if you are looking for your yaoi. For every order I have placed here, the package has come very quickly and I always recieve a free gift (typically plastic doujinshi sleeves). The quality of the doujinshi is very nice and clean, even for the older ones. Using this site can be helpful to find information on doujinshi as well.

Doujin Republic
Exactly the same as Otaku Republic but catered more towards a "male" demographic. Typical F/M NSFW and yuri, the attention being more on female characters. If you found something you liked on nHentai, it's more than likely listed here.


Structured glassware based upon Dr. Masaru Emoto's research. Genuinely makes water taste better. Also it just is nice : )

The best place to buy official releases of anime. Has a good clearance section, you can usually find stuff for 5-15 dollars there.

Robert's Anime Corner Store
Standard anime stuff. I haven't ordered from here yet but I really appreciate that it looks exactly the same as I remember it and that it has been around for a long time.

The classic auction service. *Learn to use the search engine properly*. A search string should be optimized to filter out results and save yourself a lot of time. For example, here is the search string I use to to check for Pokemon Emerald, as I am hunting for the game in other languages to complete a language fullset: (pokemon, Pokémon, Pocket Monsters) (emerald, Esmeralda, Smeraldo, Smaragd*, Émeraude, Emeraude) -(*106, *78, Cr1616, Psa, Bgs, Ex, Manga, Tcg, Holo, Holographic, Adventure, Adventures, Plush, Repro, Reproduction, Card). Sold listings are your friend for determining the (general) market value for more niche collectable items like plushies.

Troll and Toad
Trading card game singles.

Pokemon Center
Official storefront. Fast shipping. Return policy is a little difficult/annoying though but I've only had a problem with an order once. The clothing is pretty good quality but the sizes are very varied and depend on the collaboration. Typically, size range is XS-4XL. The drops from Pokemon Center ordered trading cards tend to be better, in my experience. Also, important to note that items randomly go back in stock without warning, so if there's something you're interested in, you'll need to either join one of the many communities like the Plushie Subreddit for reports or come back and check often.

Nintendo Store
Official storefront. If you use a Nintendo Switch, you will earn reward points by accomplishing weekly tasks on your Switch console. You can also earn points from random events on My Nintendo itself, so it's useful to check in every couple months. You can exchange those points for exclusive My Nintendo items in the store, items you can't purchase (officially, eBay exists lol) otherwise. Important to note that, as of the time of writing, you can still buy official replacement batteries for all builds of the 3DS system library here. This is a good idea as those batteries tend to slowly swell overtime and can harm the health of your console (warping screens, buttons, etc) if you plan on using it for a long time.

Setsuna & Haruka's Specialty Shoppe
Very pretty site design to this day. Sells anime merch and notably, custom UFO catcher style plushies. I've tried to contact the webmaster about commissioning one but have yet to get a reply back, I'm not sure if this site is still active? But nonetheless, fun to browse.

Custom plushie maker! Such cute products.

Clothing: General

Mostly graphic tees and hoodies, goes up to XS-4XL. Rotates out brands and collaborations so I've seen Monster Hunter, Metal Gear and Breath of Fire stuff on here. SUPER helpful if you want to meet people irl, it starts a lot of conversations. Sells merch like pins and plushies as well.

The Yetee
Mostly graphic tees and hoodies, goes up to XS-5XL but on average goes up to 3XL. Has a design of the month, I've seen Xenogears here before. This website feels very Reddit though but like I said, it can't be overstated how wearing this kind of stuff to places like university or a Starbucks can be useful if you want IRLs.

Clothing: Japanese

Nile Perch
Japanese Fairy Kei/Sweet Lolita fashion brand.

Angelic Pretty
Japanese Sweet Lolita brand. Has a USA storefront as well.