Links: Web Development

In no particular order...

General Tools

HTML Color Picker
SO USEFUL. You can just put in a website, an image URL, or upload your own.

Color Hexa
Input a color and it will give you color schemes.

Text Color Fader
Outputs in HTML or BBcode.

1001 Fonts
Free fonts for you to download and use on your site.

The website where I get all of my cursors.

Totally Free Cursors
More cursors!

WebP to GIF Converter
Does WebP even know how much I hate it?

The easiest development tool to make webrings that I currently know of.

RV's Free Javascript/DHTML Effects
This is where you can find cursor sparkles, bubbles, falling snow effects and much more.

Unicode to HTML converter
For when something is showing up weird.

Useful in learning how to code! Everything I've figured out how to do is from following guides on this site.


Glitter Text Generator
Simple to use, works great.

Glitter Graphics
Giant archive of older graphics that just feel *right*.

Fun to surf and collect things as you go. Decent search feature.

Gothic Text Generator
Really, really cool. Adds a professional touch to your pages.

Loves1ck's GFX Hoard
SO MUCH good stuff here!! Worth checking out.

A really good resource for finding pixels.

It is basically the same as blingee but you can make them without needing an account!

The Largest 88x31 Collection on the Net
Exactly as it says!

A ton of older graphics.

Cool Text/Logo Generator
Neat way to make headers and such on your site.

Earthbound Text Generator
Very easy to use and looks great.

Betty's Graphics
Another large graphics collection.

Hekate2's 88x31 Button Maker
Just use this tool and you'll have your own site button in no time.

A giant library of copy and paste text emotes.

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection
Well organized and a lot of stuff.

Jasminnie's resources
Also check out the materials section.


A bunch of MIDIs all on this Tumblr blog. Tumblr's audio downloading is very annoying, just keep isolating the source, inspect the code and follow the links and *eventually* the audio will become downloadable.

The desktop application I use to backup my website.

Prebuilt Layouts

Sadgrl's Layout Builder
A great way to get yourself started. Sadgrl's site has *tons* of other resources so check it out.

Repth's Themes
A stellar resource!!!

Gyrobreaka's F2U Templates 1 2 3
Warning for autoplay on one of these. There are nice F2U templates!

Almostsweet's F2U Layout
A very cute layout.

Eggramen's Templates
Many to choose from!

Things to Put On Your Site
A very cute Twitter alternative. You can customize your profile to your liking and add a widget to your site.
Where I found my code! Has other widgets you can use as well.

Dannarchy's Tutorial on Making a Native Neocities Hit Counter
Also worth checking out the site because you can find a live update counter and much more.
Get a clap button, cute hit counters, online now counters, and much more.
A free Guestbook to link to on your site. There are many other Guest Book options, this is just the one I use personally.
A free chatbox for your site. You can upload your own emotes and change the color of it to your liking.

Make your own free virtual pet. Super, super, super cute.

Banner Link Ads
Advertise other independent users.

NavLink Ads
Another way to advertise other independent users.