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Summary: Gladion tries to step in to accept Lillie’s punishment instead. Lusamine doesn’t let him question her authority for long.

Fandom: Pokemon: Sun and Moon / Ultra Sun and Moon
Published Date: 2022-10-22
Words: 1643
Status: Complete!
Rating: Explicit (NSFW)
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con, Underage
Category: Multi (F/M)
Tags: Gladion, Lillie, Lusamine, Aether Family, Threesome - F/F/M, Bottom Gladion, Dominance, Shoe Kink, Shoes, High Heels, Anal Sex, Anal Play, Rape/Non-con Elements, Punishment, Sibling Incest, Parent/Child Incest, Abuse, Non-Consensual Spanking, Submission, Prostate Massage, Forced Ejaculation, Voyeurism, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Implied/Referenced Underage Sex, Spanking.

“Take me instead.”

Gladion stood his ground firmly, shielding his sister from their mother’s wrath. “She really didn’t know what she was doing. It’s my fault.”

Lusamine was frustrated by his outburst. She was disciplining Lillie, her only redeemable child, not this useless, insignificant, waste of space…

“Did you think I was talking to you?” Lusamine raised her eyebrows. She spoke from behind one of her hands, eyes wide in hostility towards Gladion. “Who do you think you are?”

Gladion clenched his fists. He felt Lillie cling to him, hiding her face in the back of his legs.

“Lillie disobeyed me. She has to accept her punishment.” Lusamine put her hands on her hips. She enjoyed watching Lillie struggle and was angry that Gladion’s body was blocking so much of her view. “Those are the rules.”

Gladion lacked a plan, but he stayed firm even as Lusamine walked towards him, her fierce blonde hair as sharp at the ends as her heels. Her stilettos  clicked against the polished resin flooring, all white, stretching as far as the eye could see—the color of Lusamine’s pervading control, the obsessive demand for conformity she brought down upon her children like a gavel. 

With glassy eyes, the gentle flower that was Lillie gazed up at her brother, how nobly he had tried to defend her, all in the face of the force which they had no hope of conquering, which had ruled them since they had been born into this world.

“I’ll go,” Lille said softly, always the obedient one out of the two. “It's okay, I’ll do it.”

Lusamine flashed a smile before realizing she was putting on a show of acting upset. She bit her lip to make herself look more serious. 

Lusamine threw Gladion out of the way viciously, bored of him as she had been since he had matured into a young man. Gladion crashed to the floor, feeling pathetic and sorry for himself, for what little he could do for his sister—or himself.

“You said you wanted to step in for your sister, right?” Like a predator, Lusamine’s eyes bore into the back of Gladion’s neck. “Trash like you is only useful for times like these…”

Gladion couldn’t imagine what she had in store for them, but if the pleasure in Lusamine’s voice was any indication, it wasn’t good.

Lusamine kicked out one of her long legs, using the tooth of her heel to drive into Gladion’s back. She turned him over, laughing at the stupid look on his face—the pitiful look attempting to hold back a barrage of emotion at her abuse. So typical. Why did he bother to hold back his true feelings and fears at all?

Lusamine would just have to crush him harder. She smeared the instep of her shoe against him, applying way more force than necessary. 

“Lillie.” Lusamine’s voice was a lot more forgiving when she addressed her golden child. “Take your clothes off.”

Lillie obeyed.

Lillie lifted her dress by its scalloped edges, raising it over her head. Her skin was as spotless and as white as the dress her mother had selected for her. She unbuckled her tiny training bra, letting both articles fall down around her ankles. Then, when her fingers sunk under the elastic band of her white panties, Lusamine stopped her.

“Take off your brother's clothes.” Lusamine smirked, the only one who knew the next part of her plan. The way she spoke the words ‘brother’ was full of malice.

Lillie didn’t hesitate—she knew better. She gracefully got on her knees where Gladion waited, pulling his shirt up and over him. Gladion bit his tongue, watery eyes staring at Lusamine with the anger he could not let escape, his cheeks red from the resentment burning in him and the shame of his stomach fully exposed, then his chest…

Lillie then came for his pants, resting her fingers on his hips. He turned his head away, knowing that in this anger and humiliation he was already starting to get hard. 

“It’s okay.” Lillie whispered, trying to reassure him that she wasn’t judging him for the way his body responded to her. She pulled his pants off him, then his briefs. Lillie couldn’t hold back a gasp at how his cock burst from his briefs, aching hard and red with irritation. 

When Gladion was fully naked, Lillie put her hands on her thighs, waiting patiently to be told what she was meant to do next. Lusamine was busy making fun of Gladion for being horny in his position.

“You’re so hard,” she smiled, gazing down at both of her children. “What a sick little pervert you are.” Lusamine spoke from behind a hand, acting as though she were a royal queen. “Such a filthy, disgusting child.”

Lillie blushed, watching Gladion’s cock twitch in hatred.

“Get on your knees, slut.” 

He did it begrudgingly, lacking the same grace that Lillie faced her punishment with. He steadied himself on his trembling arms, keeping his knees close together to hide what he could of his embarrassing arousal. He hid his face in the floor, against the thick resin that felt so soft and gentle against the heat of his skin.

Lusamine knocked one of her heels off. She kicked it, sending it skidding to where Lillie and Gladion rested.

“Lillie, pick that up for Mommy.”

Lusamine’s baby-talk made Lillie feel embarrassed about how good it made her feel. She reached for her mother’s shoe, cradling it in her hands, unsure of what she was meant to do with it. She gave Lusamine a questioning look, knowing better than asking questions when she hadn’t been permitted to speak.

“Fuck your brother with it.” Lusamine still kept her voice gentle for Lillie.

Lillie swallowed, staring at the thickness of the yellow heel. It glinted under the bright lights.

Gladion winced, whining ever so softly when he felt Lillie press the heel against him, searching for the groove between his thick ass cheeks. Lillie inhaled deeply, bracing herself. She pulled him apart, exposing his tight hole—it was already used to being abused, puffy and darkened from all of the punishments his mother had felt were necessary to use against him. 

Lillie let the smooth part of the heel’s edge skid across his slick skin, letting it fall and press against his asshole, probing him gently. Gladion hissed, his hot breath steaming the spotless white tile under his mouth. Lillie twisted the heel, feeling Gladion’s asshole cave against the pressure, slowly opening to accept his punishment, even against his desires. Even though Gladion’s smooth legs were clamped tightly shut, Lillie could see how his cock jumped each time it seemed like the heel was about to sink fully inside.

Lusamine watched with amusement, turning her head this way and that, making sure that everything was going how she wanted it to.

Lillie used a little more pressure, and the heel finally impaled Gladion, soaring inside him until the sole of the shoe rested against his aching balls. 

Lillie rubbed the heel into the walls of Gladion’s sensitive asshole, searching for the place that would make him feel a lot better about this severe punishment. She fucked him gently, fully hilted inside him, sliding out just enough so she could impale him once again.

Gladion’s precum was sticky against his legs, helpless to weep from his cock when it was getting raped out of him like this.

“Gladion, do you enjoy this?” Lusamine teased, pretending to be incredulous. 

Gladion didn’t answer. His sister pressed against the place that made him moan against his will.

“Finish him, Lillie.” Lusamine purred, enjoying how Gladion writhed and trembled as he was pounded with the blade of her shoe.

Lillie nodded, picking up the place, slamming the soft edge of the heel into Gladion’s prostate again and again. Gladion bucked against the intrusion, the skillful attacks making him weak. He drooled. 

“Keep it up.” Lusamine knew Gladion couldn’t last much longer when he thrust his hips like that.

Lillie pressed a hand firmly on Gladion’s hips, relentlessly fucking him. She wanted him to cum too, if only to bring him a little relief, a little satisfaction, a thank-you for the way he’d tried to protect her…

Gladion groaned, a long, loud growl. His eyes rolled back, his tongue hanging out of his mouth stupidly. He panted, losing himself in the way his sister broke him apart. He forgot who he was, lost in the rolling pleasure pumping through his body, rising in his cock. He knew he would cum if she kept this up.

Lillie twirled the heel around inside him, his ass sucking and hugging it, desperate to keep it against his needy prostate. She applied more force.

“Spank him,” Lusamine breathed.

Lillie obeyed, slapping Gladion sharply, hard enough to leave a pink handprint against him. Gladion moaned, gasping. Lillie struck him again, realizing from how he clenched around the heel that he actually liked it. 

“Bad boy…” Lusamine was touching herself now as she watched, all from outside of her dress. “What a bad, bad boy…”

Lillie whined, watching as Gladion’s body shivered.

He cried out as his sister fucked all his cum out of him, his cock weeping  thick ropes of white against the floor, his stomach, even his thighs. Lillie let the heel slide out of him with a wet plop.

Gladion was wet with sweat, pink across his young skin, instantly deeply and profoundly ashamed of himself in the clarity that came to him past his orgasm.

“Oh, Lillie…” Lusamine sighed, once again pretending to be upset. “I didn’t say you could pull it out yet.”

Both Lillie and Gladion paled as the realization dawned on them that this was far from over.

Lusamine smiled behind her fingers. “We’re going to be here all night.”