Final Fantasy 7 - Cloud's Buster Sword Request Based Pokemon Ficlet Collection

Request Based Pokemon Ficlet Collection

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Summary: This is a collection of short fics that I write based on requests from my Retrospring and AO3 comment section. If you would like me to write something you can submit it there or comment here. Anything goes (and I do mean anything, provided it is Pokemon) but just know that I have the right to refuse requests at any time and it may take some time for me to get to yours. If you really want me to write you something or if you have something longer in mind, please commission me.

Rating: Explicit (NSFW)
Category: Multi (M/M, F/M, F/F)+
Tags: (Honestly kind of impossible to tag. Please read each prompt individually. I write what the prompt says.)
Here are some *potential* tags for posterity.
Rape, Non-con, Pokephilia, Incest, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming, Domination, Humiliation, Scent/Musk Kink, Age Difference, Size Difference, Pokemon/Human Relationships, Various Ships, Gore, Snuff, Costume Kink, Swimsuit Kink/Sukumizu, Watersports/Omorashi, Mind Control, Brainwashing, Public Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Futanari, Forced Feminization, Phermones, Lolisho, Degradation, Abuse, Sex Pollen...
Aka: this series is VERY DEAD DOVE: DO not eat.

Additionally, this is not beta read and I write these ficlets relatively quickly. It is not my best work! But I have fun with it~

Chapter Index

Chapter One: I
Chapter Two: II
Chapter Three: III
Chapter Four: IV

Chapter One

Anonymous prompt: Short story or fanfiction based on the following: 😇😘😅😟😛😝😩😯😑😭🤕🙂🙃🙂😵

Sephiria: I accept this challenge.

Hikari was all dressed up as a sweet darling angel. She was a little embarrassed when her father, Volo started taking lots of pictures of her but he calmed her down enough to let him. She trusted him not to let anyone else see.
Volo took his time instructing her how to pose properly, encouraging her to act silly, to lift her arms and show him her smooth underarms, how her little angel dress hiked up when she jumped and hopped, showing off her tiny blue striped panties. Volo was weary just watching her performance, hands almost shaking as he held the digital camera, hoping the photos could capture even a glimmer of how perfect the moment was.
He was pulled out of his bubble of bliss when she accidentally tripped and fell over. He turned off his camera, rushing to her as she began to sob from the shock of falling over.
Volo petted her, checking to see if she had any injuries but she was ok!
“My darling,” He whispered, “it’s okay. You’re alright.”
She smiled at him from where she laid upside down, topsy-turvy from where she’d fallen.
Volo helped her up, smoothing out the gentle fabric of her dress. She smiled gently at him. Oh she really was an angel.
He couldn’t wait to tear that costume off her later, to corrupt her into a cute little imp.

Anonymous prompt: Akari noncons Volo

Sephiria: Akari and Volo were out in the wilderness together. They were hunting around the land on their mission for the lost plates.
Today, the weather was hot. The pair take a break to wade out into the river to cool down. There are Roselia and Oddish nearby, some Tangela as well.
Akari is on the shore after spending some time swimming and decides to take a nap. Volo is busy washing himself off and enjoying floating around.
When their guard is down, the herd of grass Pokémon start to use their Sweet Scent ability. They are gathered so tightly together because it is the summer, their typical mating season. They use the Sweet Scent to attract each other. Akari is caught within the flurry of pink petals, waking up feeling strange and very much not herself.
Volo comes out of the water, unaware of what transformation has taken place. He doesn't have his Pokémon, they are in his bag.
When Akari comes towards him, he thinks she's just going to playfully splash water at him like she'd done before. Instead, she tackles him into the gentle waves so close to the shore.
Volo is grateful that it's loose mud and not rocky. Akari is pressing herself on top of him, licking his wet skin, pressing her face to his and rubbing against it. She's straddling his lap, applying all of her weight to keep him trapped.
He's stunned, unsure of what's gotten into her. Akari starts kissing against his lips, his jaw, lapping her tongue against him.
Although he's laughing at first, he soon is trying to push her off him but she won't stop, only getting more animated and aggressive the more she smells his skin and his wet hair and his breath.
"Akari, stop." He's serious now, using more of his strength. He doesn't want to break down the illusion he's been working so hard to maintain before the time he's planned to do so. "Cut it out."
Akari doesn't stop, enjoying it too much, too drunk to care. She starts grinding her teeth against his lips, sucking them into her mouth as she moans with pleasure at his request.

@YurievInstitute's prompt: volo can't get akari alone to take her virginity so he settles for a practice round with teru (reminding him all the while that he's just a spare) ft. forcefem

Sephiria: Teru thought his crush on Volo wasn't obvious.
He was so excited that he and Volo were alone together, so far away from Jubilife Village. It was a rare opportunity, Volo had so kindly offered to show him where to find a thunderstone that Teru heard he needed for Pikachu's evolution.
Now, he stared at Volo with affection, his heart fluttering as much as his eyelashes, as much as the butterflies in his tummy.
He watched how Volo moved so gracefully, how the gentle spring breeze filtered through his hair. They sat together under the shade of a tree.
Teru tried to think of something to say, something intelligent, something as useful as he felt Volo was. What could he impress Volo with? He struggled to think of anything.
Volo turned to face him, smiling knowingly.
"Your eyelashes are as long as a girls." Volo's voice was close to a whisper but held a sense of desire.
Teru stammered, blushing. What did that mean?
Volo leaned closer to where Teru sat beside him, eyes downcast upon Teru's shorter, smaller form. Volo eclipsed him quickly, his arm tall in the blades of grass, blocking off Teru's chance of escape. The smile never left his lips.
"You're really as pretty as one too..." Volo's expression better suited someone who knew their victory was secured in a game. Teru shuddered. "Not as pretty as Akari, but you'll definitely do."
"Wh-what?" Teru's mind couldn't process such intimate, private attention. From someone he so dearly admired, no less.
The way that Volo looked at him, half lidded eyes, a faint flush to his cheeks made Teru feel as though he were melted, nothing more than hot clay between Volo's grasp.
"Oh, don't tell me you don't know what this is..." Volo laughed gently, the erotic melody turning Teru bright red. "Come on, haven't you ever done this?"
Teru shook his head. He wasn't sure what this was. It felt good, really good but all he knew was that he didn't want it to stop.
"There's something only you can do for me that Akari hasn't yet." Volo's smile widened. "You can be really special to me, right now..."

@WalkinOnTheSun's prompt: Salazzle using her pheromones to lure horny trainers to her den.

Sephiria: Salazzle crept on the warm rocks outside of her den, her curvy body poised for her hunt. She heard the sound of rustling grass that she had been waiting for, the telltale sound that meant that trainers were approaching. She’d nested here purposefully, knowing it was a land used by many trainers who would be unable to resist her strong, seductive pheromones. The Pokémon here were weaker, meaning many younger trainers—ones that didn’t know any better—would consistently wander through and wind up in her trap.
She sunk down on her haunches, her tail swishing. She’d marked this area in her scent, her pheromones were a magnet for anyone but especially what she could already smell were younger trainers.
There was a boy and a girl. They were drawing closer.
It wasn’t long until the boy reached the mouth of her cave, not knowing they were being watched, unable to discern what had attracted him. He felt so strange, as if he were hypnotized. Salazzle smirked to herself, rolling her hips hungrily. She laid herself down against the rock so that her curvy body was on full display, her pronounced feminine features undeniable. The boy saw her and was drawn in, helpless to the hold she’d gained over his brain.
He reached for her, tentatively, knowing that she was a strong Pokémon. She permitted it, smiling at him knowingly. The boy shuddered when he touched her soft, smooth skin. It was hot from the summer sun. He was so turned on by her already that he was fully hard, brought to his knees by her so he could press his face into her smooth skin, her shapely stomach and chest. He moaned against her, unable to help himself from touching himself—he’d never felt anything like this before. Salazzle’s tail swayed back and forth in her pleasure at having landed such enthusiastic prey, her tail making a loud slap against the flat rock.
Now, the girl arrived, attracted all the same by Salazzle’s overpowering attractiveness. The girl was wet, confused until she saw the boy and how he was petting and stroking Salazzle. The girl joined them, nervous at first but encouraged by the boy and how Salazzle seemed to enjoy the attention.
Both the boy and the girl kissed against Salazzle’s shiny skin. They inhaled against her flesh, providing Salazzle with all the more control of their minds, sending them into an impossible to control arousal induced by her intense pheromones. Salazzle’s prey both touched themselves, the girl playing with her own breasts, the boy pumping his cock excitedly.
While they could both have come right away, especially when Salazzle let them kiss eager, excited kisses against her snout and her lips—even more so when Salazzle let them each taste her long, swirling tongue, Salazzle had much, much more fun things in store for them. She wouldn’t let either of her new, horny friends leave until they were totally and completely spent, serving as toys for her pleasures.

Anonymous prompt: Misty has a really unique swimsuit

Sephiria: Misty received a brand new swimsuit from her sisters. It was to be her new uniform at the gym but she was really nervous to wear it once she'd unwrapped it.
She'd taken it from the box it came in, wincing when she saw how skimpy it was. It was patterned like a Goldeen, a thin bikini with just enough fabric to cover her. It was mostly white which left her feeling worried about what would happen when it was wet---after all, she was a water type gym leader, it was destined to get soaked! The white fabric would show everyone the pink of her nipples and her tiny, tight pussy. No one could see that! Her milky stomach would be on display for all to see. She'd taken so much care to always wear one pieces, why would her sisters do this?
Misty flushed, thinking about an audience of people seeing her in such a vulnerable position, all against her will. She turned bright red when she read the note left from her sisters, in the bottom of the box that the swimsuit came in.
"We picked this out just for you~ You'll look so cute~ Don't disappoint us!
♡ : The Sensational Sisters"
Misty rolled her eyes, pretending it didn't make her flustered to be tormented with. She wouldn't let her cute, preppy sisters win. She'd show them she could do this and not care either way about this stupid swimsuit!
She resigned herself to her humiliating fate and took off her clothes, getting ready to step into her new uniform for the first time.

@Puwaberries prompt: Futa Jasmine sensual/caring blowjob from Amphy in the lighthouse. Also Amphy having strong scent kink esp with her shoes

Sephiria: “Oh, Amphy…” Jasmine sighed, plopping down atop the plush cushion of the pink armchair that rested on the top floor of the lighthouse. “I’m so tired.”
She crossed her legs, letting her feet slide from her flip flops. They clapped against the soles of her feet before they dropped to the floor, beside where Amphy was curled, resting. Amphy watched attentively as Jasmine’s soft, gentle feet were revealed, colored pink in all the right places.
Amphy couldn’t help but wag its tail at getting to be so close to them.
Amphy loved its trainer and loved bonding with her even more. It knew that Jasmine wouldn’t mind at all if it couldn’t help itself from enjoying Jasmine’s beautiful feet. After all, Jasmine did have a long day. Maybe Amphy could help her feel a lot better about it. Amphy nuzzled against them and Jasmine giggled, knowing exactly what her dear Amphy was up to. Amphy always was weak to this, having strong inclinations to get too distracted by the scent of Jasmine’s feet.
Amphy breathed them in, the sweat from a long day still glistening over the round heels. It wasn’t long until Jasmine was getting excited from such devotional behavior, having such close, personal attention, in the privacy of the highest floor of the lighthouse felt so erotic. Anyone could come see what a special, secret relationship she had with her pet Ampharos. People sure would have a lot to say if they knew that Jasmine was letting hers lick and kiss her feet every night…
Jasmine’s cock was tenting in her flowy dress, leaking precum at the tip into the gentle material as Amphy couldn’t help but give kisses along the sides of her heels, licking between her toes with such soft, gentle strokes. It was full of affection, all of Jasmine.
Jasmine couldn’t take it anymore. She felt all the heat rush to her cock, the pleasure of Amphy’s act of service too sensual for her to withstand any longer.
“Amphy, darling…” Jasmine’s voice was weak, desperately needy despite looking down at where Amphy crouched on the floor, curled around Jasmine’s feet was it’s favorite place to be, after all. “Won’t you help me here?”
Jasmine raised the skirt of her short dress slowly, delicately. It looked so ladylike, even when her excited, thick cock sprang out from under it, drooling long threads of precum against the material. Amphy wagged its tail in celebration, rushing between Jasmine’s legs, already drooling.
It couldn’t wait to take her all the way into its mouth.
Since they couldn’t stop themselves from doing this often, Amphy was way too good at it. Amphy could squeeze down around Jasmine’s cock all the way to the base, suckling it sweetly and cutely, making soft sounds of pleasure around it. Jasmine couldn’t last long against it. She came with her balls pressed against Amphy’s lips, thick and deep into Amphy’s shuddering throat.
“That feels much better…” Jasmine sighed, finally satisfied.

@Tenseiga's prompt: cynthia x garchomp or cynthia & garchomp x dawn....

Sephiria: "There's many ways I can teach you how to build a stronger bond with your Pokémon." Cynthia explained, sounding cool and composed even though she felt she was melting watching Dawn fall into the lure she'd set, hook, line and sinker. "Just trust me."
Dawn smiled, nodding eagerly. It hadn't even occurred to her that Cynthia was capable of anything abnormal, even when she was doing this.
Dawn was kissing against Cynthia's Garchomp muzzle very sweetly, as instructed by Cynthia. She was lapping her tongue against him, moaning a little at how tough his skin was, almost rough to the touch. Garchomp seemed to enjoy it, closing his eyes and letting her, letting his tongue loll out of his mouth.
"Wow, that's great Dawn!" Cynthia praised her. "That means he wants to get closer to you~"
Dawn felt really proud of herself, even when she was told to put her tongue onto Garchomp's long, hot pink one. He licked against her too, the two exchanging special, Pokémon trainer improving friendship kisses. Cynthia was filled with joy at how they shared such a tender, bonding moment, especially considering it was the girl she cherished most.

@Ventiplus’s prompt: Ash and Misty are actually in a relationship, and Misty always takes a chance to slobber all over Ash's fat cock.

Sephiria: Ash and Misty were at a Pokémon center, waiting for their beloved Pokémon to be healed by an attentive Nurse Joy and her Chansey. They had more time than they’d expected, there was a storm which had left the hospital running on reserves of power. In the darkness of the nearly empty waiting room, Misty found herself growing bored.
She smirked at Ash who was dozing, killing time with sleep. She crept over to him, across the waiting room chairs. She pressed her palms against his cock, the one she knew so well that always responded with an eagerness to her. She pulled it from his pants—he still slept.
Misty had a way that was sure to wake him up.
She slid to the floor, being careful not to make too much noise so no one could hear. She guided his fat cock from his pants, stroking it gently until it was pulsing, hard and hot against her. The smell alone made her dizzy, nearly drooling. She sure wasn’t bored anymore, not with something so exciting right in her face, so close to her lips…
Misty opened her mouth, her breath hitting the head of Ash’s cock. She flicked her tongue against it but tasting him made her need it even more. She knew Ash was starting to wake up but she didn’t want to chance him trying to get her to stop. She eagerly sunk him down into her mouth, swirling her tongue against his cock, getting it so wet with her sloppy kisses, the slobbery way she suckled at it.
Ash’s eyes fluttered open. He stared down at his girlfriend, shocked in a way that made his cock throb in her excited mouth.
“W-what are you?” He asked, but Misty only sucked him harder.
Before he could think about it or how he’d ended up in this situation, he was cumming into the heat of her mouth.

@Ventiplus’s prompt: Iris loves the smell and taste of Ash's feet and worships them while he sleeps.

Sephiria: (Part two of the previous prompt where Misty is sucking Ash’s cock)

After Misty was done, she left to go wash off her face since Ash had made a total mess of it. While she was gone, their friend, Iris who had overheard the whole thing came over to see what had happened.
She saw Ash, asleep once more, totally spent. Iris was excited to see him. She crept towards him, seeing how he had his legs hung over the arms of the chairs, leaving his feet dangling over the side.
Iris came towards them. She loved the smell of Ash’s feet, especially after such a long day of adventuring. They were out of his shoes, which he’d left on the floor. She pressed her face into them, rubbing her cheeks against his dirty socks.
“Oh, Ash, I just love your feet…” She breathed. She was so excited. She knew she only had a bit of time to worship them before Misty, his girlfriend, returned.
Iris pulled Ash’s socks off, gasping when she could now feel his smooth feet against her face. They were so warm, smelling even stronger now. She drooled, overjoyed that she’d finally get a chance to taste her favorite flavor again.
She gave them a kiss, then she couldn’t help but gently lick them, rolling her tongue along the soles. She sucked at his toes, moaning with delight. She didn’t care if she got caught in such an embarrassing position anymore, it just tasted and smelled too good…

@Ventiplus’s prompt: A Gardevoir using her powers to get her Futa trainer extremely horny.

Sephiria: Gardevoir was a little miffed at her trainer. They’d lost a battle and her trainer had gotten upset with her, blaming her for their loss. Gardevoir giggled to herself, finding it funny that her trainer really believed that she had all the control of their relationship.
Maybe it had been that way when Gardevoir was a young Ralts, but as Gardevoir trained and had grown into her final form, now capable of Mega Evolution, she had superior psychic powers. She held herself back only out of respect for her trainer.
But now, she would punish her trainer.
Gardevoir waited until they were out shopping, gathering berries they’d need for the Pokeblocks they would need to make for contests. Gardevoir trailed behind her trainer like a shadow, watching her every move, waiting until she was speaking to one of the merchants, debating a price for a haul of Persim berries.
“But sir, one piece of stardust should be enough to cov-” Before her trainer could continue, her face froze up.
Gardevoir was using her Hypnotism move outside of battle, the heated rays of her psychic power radiating towards her, blanketing her mind. It felt overwhelmingly powerful, enough to make her trainer's knees buckle and shake. She was coated in a shimmering, pink glow, her eyes glowing under the force of her Gardevoir’s power, totally under her control.
“One piece of stardust?” The shopkeeper couldn’t tell what had taken place, blissfully unaware of what transformation had taken place in the young trainer's mind. “No, no, I’ll need two or three pieces at least.”
Gardevoir giggled behind her silky white fingers. She used the move again, this time to make her trainer feel intense, shameful arousal now that she was totally under Gardevoir's control, just like a puppet.
“N-n-no!!” Her trainer blushed, the last slivers of her awareness fighting Gardevoir’s revenge. She couldn’t stop it. Her cock was fully hard against her tight shorts, bulging out for all to see. She hoped that the shopkeeper couldn’t see it, see how her cock was leaking precum into a damp spot in the front of her tight little shorts.
“Two pieces of stardust or no deal.” The shopkeeper didn’t realize what was happening.
Gardevoir’s eyes glittered as she sent out another pulse of her psychic power. This time it had her trainer moaning, nearly sobbing. She was rustling through her bag, trying to find two pieces of stardust so she could get away. She was way too horny, her hands trembled trying to find the pieces she needed. It was too late.
The trainer cried out like a bitch in heat, the arousal clear as day on her face. She was blushing bright pink, her cock pulsing and throbbing—oh God, she was going to cum right here, right now, in front of everyone. A number of people had turned around from their stalls to see the chaos Gardevoir had caused.
Gardevoir smiled, twirling her hips back and forth so her elegant form looked even more like a beautiful dress. This last attack would do it. It would send her trainer fainting.
Her trainer gasped and shuddered, moaning and thrusting her hips, totally thoughtless even as all eyes were on her. She came in her pants, more cum that she could ever produce normally, all granted to her from the amazing powers of her Gardevoir’s control.

@Ventiplus’s prompt: Ash and Pikachu take advantage of the fact that it's night and they are sharing a tent to 'bond' with each other.

Sephiria: Ash had waited all day for this.
His slutty little Pikachu had too, instantly hopping between Ash’s legs as soon as they had a spare moment together and their tent was zippered shut.
Ash moaned, feeling Pikachu’s soft cheeks press eagerly into his cock. Even though they couldn’t help but do this every night, Ash still couldn’t help himself but get so turned on. His pubescent hormones made him crave it and need all that Pikachu wanted to give him. And Pikachu could never get enough.
Ash helped himself out of his pants, ready to start their special trainer bonding, the secret things they did together in the cover of night to make their relationship extra special.
Pikachu made such cute sounds, so excited to see its favorite toy, Ash’s cock. It crawled up on top of him, spreading out its chubby legs, grinding itself down against it, pressing its impatient, winking hole down against the head of Ash’s cock.
Ash gasped, he was swallowed inside Pikachu’s tight, twitching ass so fast. They were fucking so much that Pikachu’s whore hole had become just the right shape for his cock to fill. Ash grabbed Pikachu tightly, sinking his hands into Pikachu’s warm, soft skin, shoving Pikachu down onto his cock until he was fully inside. Ash didn’t bother holding back, especially when Pikachu made such cute, happy sounds—always excited to breed like the little animal it was. Ash fucked Pikachu like it was his personal onahole.

Chapter Two

@Paperman0’s prompt: Dawn and Johanna are bothered by a perverted Haunter who decided to enjoy their hospitality

Sephiria: Dawn and Johanna were relaxing at home. They were tired after a long day of Coordinator practice. Dawn was still wearing her puffy, frilly dress, laying on the couch and watching reruns on TV.
It was a quiet night, eerily still. Both Johanna and her daughter were up really late, later than the rest of Twinleaf Town was.
Suddenly, a strange shadow seeped in through their front door. Dawn didn’t notice it, but Johanna did. She turned from where she worked at the dishes, confusion on her face. Even though she saw this intruder, a Haunter, it was too late.
Haunter loomed closer, waving its fingers. It sent out a powerful surge of its power, which rolled over both Johanna and Dawn. The two were hypnotized right away, turning towards Haunter and smiling as though they were welcoming an expected guest.
“Oh, Haunter…” Dawn beamed, curtseying. “Welcome to our home~”
Haunter came closer to them, compelling Johanna to come sit beside her daughter on the couch.
“I’m Joanna…” Her voice was distant, under Haunter’s spell. “This is my beautiful daughter, Dawn.”
Dawn blushed. Johanna came closer to her, entranced, bringing Dawn into her arms.
“Let me show you how much we care about each other so you can understand our relationship better…” Johanna was motivated by the arousal Haunter had given her, the desire Haunter had to see them commit the taboo of incest.
Dawn was obedient, even as Johanna kissed her. It was an erotic kiss, deep and sensual, messy, with tongue. Dawn sucked her mothers tongue, moaning. Haunter made a pleased sound.
“Oh, we don’t mean to leave you out Mister Haunter,” Dawn pouted. She hiked up her dress, pulling her panties down. Johanna took off her pants too—she was the type of woman who never wore underwear.
Dawn straddled her mother, the both of them putting their pussies on full display for Haunter’s approval. His tongue fell out of his mouth, ready to taste both of their pussies at once.
Dawn rubbed down against her mother, kissing her, moaning into her mouth. The strength of Haunter’s spell was working to Haunter’s advantage. It was so easy. He had a cute little girl and her slut mother right where he wanted them.
Haunter put its large hands around Dawn’s little legs, spreading her chubby pussy further apart so he could see her so pink and wet inside, just for him. Dawn gasped.
Haunter took its tongue and trailed it from Johanna’s hairy, loose pussy to her daughter’s fresh, plush kiddy one, tasting where Dawn’s pussy had drooled down onto her mothers. The two women really enjoyed Haunter’s hot tongue—it was clear he did this to lots of girls and knew exactly where they loved it.

@Imouto_Kitten’s prompt: Liza and Tate are sparring(the way the two dress, its hard not to head canon them as practicing martial arts for meditative purposes) and it ends with Tate pinned and Liza straddling him. She teases her little brother for losing again, which soon has his shota cock poking her. She teases him some more before taking him for a ride, challenging him to hold in his cum until she climaxes and teasing him for being a quick shot.

Sephiria: Liza and Tate were rolling around on the floor, wrestling after Liza had successfully sent Tate soaring to the foam flooring of their training grounds.
“You’re so bad at this!” Liza giggled, always secure in her victory over her twin brother. “You know, even though this is different, this kind of thing is really important to our psychic training! You should take it more seriously~”
Tate tried to wriggle free from her but he had run out of energy throwing all of the punches and kicks he could muster earlier on in their fight. He knew he should have saved some of his energy… Just where did all of Liza’s energy come from, anyway?
Tate’s blue eyes stared up at where his sister straddled him. Liza’s indigo hair pooled messily from her bun, clipped at the top of her head. She stared down at her brother with heavy lidded eyes, through her thick eyelashes. She smirked.
“You lose~” She hummed, extremely pleased with herself. She really, really enjoyed seeing her brother in such a compromising position, all under her control… “Just admit it already.”
Tate screwed his eyes shut, turning away from her. He didn’t want to admit it, he really didn’t! But his body had other plans. He could feel the heat of his sister's pussy against him. Had it always felt so warm? It felt like it was only getting warmer the more that Liza reveled in her victory against him. Tate could almost feel the softness of her hairless pussy against him… He tried to control his breath to stop his erection from growing, but his cock betrayed him, poking up into his twin's pussy.
She giggled at his cocks submission. “Wow, your tiny shota cock wants to admit defeat to me… why won’t you admit it, Tate?”
Tate groaned, helpless where he was pinned under his sister. “I’m… I’m not… It’s not…”
“When you get all hard and horny like this, it really sends a certain kind of message.” Liza rolled her hips against where his achingly hard cock pressed against her. “Like… you’re horny because you lost, because I have you trapped like this. What a loser~”
Tate tried to argue but the pleasure shooting through him was nearly unbearable for his tiny, untrained body to manage.
“You really need more training.” Liza smiled an angelic smile, looking so innocent despite rubbing her wet pussy against her twins cock through their training uniforms. “Unless you don’t want to win against me. Hehee~”
Tate bit his lip, fierce determination in his eyes despite his position. He was flushed bright pink. He already felt himself so close to cumming, especially when Liza rutted against him like that…
“I’ll get stronger, just you wait.” His voice was weak despite his proclamation. It made Liza giggle again.
She pulled down his pants, taking his kid cock into her soft hands. She grasped it tight, making him moan loudly. “Alright, since you really don’t want to admit you lost soooo much, I’ll say you won on one condition.”
Tate listened, watching with undivided attention as Liza shimmed out of her blue uniform, revealing her tight pink pussy. She spread it apart to show him, straddling him again.
“If you can manage to hold in your slutty boy cum until after I cum, you win.” She smirked, knowing it would be impossible for him. “Ready for the challenge?”
Tate knew deep down he would lose, especially when the heat of her pussy so close to him had him seeing stars. He nodded desperately. He cried out when she sank her perfect pussy down against him.
She rode him, sliding herself down so that she squeezed him all the way down to the base. She pressed hard against the root of his cock, hungry for the extra inch she could squeeze out of her tiny little incest living dildo. She smeared herself down, harder, harder until…
Tate whined, moaning like a little bitch. He couldn’t control himself. His sister's attacks were too powerful, too strong for him to manage. He quivered, pulsing all of his cum until his balls were empty into his sister's tight wet cunt.
Liza laughed at him, keeping him inside her, letting him pump all the proof of his utter defeat into her.
“Wow, that was quick!” Liza felt herself filling up with all of her brothers cum, her tummy swelling just slightly from where it had rushed inside her. “You’re really bad at this. You're going to need a lot more training!”
“Okay, okay…” Tate panted. “I admit it… you win…”

@Imouto_Kitten’s prompt: Maylene with Bruno, Machamp, or another Pokemon or male NPC with a unique sprite with a similar build. She's completely helpless, His cock is longer and thicker than her thigh and visibly bulging her abdomen, he could effortless manhandle her and use her like a living onnahole, but he's being surprisingly gentle, almost agonizingly so, leaving Maylene torn between begging him to fuck her harder and fear that the man meat she's impaled on will tear her apart if he went faster.

Sephiria: Bruno used his strong muscles to brace Maylene’s slender body against him, pinning her so that the trunks of his arms held her arms back. She whined, trying to close her legs or to wriggle out from his grasp but his strength was unmatched.
Maylene tried to stammer out pleas for him to stop what she knew he was doing but it was useless, she was totally helpless. She could feel his thick cock against her stomach, almost feeling like it was slapping her as it throbbed against her sweaty gym clothes. It was so huge that, from where she was restrained, she could have sworn it was an arm—if only she couldn’t feel the thick veins pulsing, running up and down the length of it.
“Listen…” She struggled to find the words but couldn’t find the right ones. “I don’t think that can fit—”
It was true, it probably wouldn’t. Maylene had never taken anything near that size before, she had hardly taken anything.
Bruno didn’t listen to her. His Machamp waited on the opposite side of them and it went to work pulling Maylene’s toned legs open. Maylene whined, tears forming at the edges of her eyes.
“Rip it open.” Bruno’s voice was rough, harsh.
Machamp obeyed, ripping the spandex tights that Maylene wore, the ones that left nothing to imagination. She gasped when she felt Bruno rub his steaming cock against her cunt, searching for entry.
“You can’t!” She felt the thick head of Bruno’s cock start to push her open, feeling her pussy widening to accept him despite her protests. Bruno sighed when he felt the head pop inside—it was so tight against his swollen cock that it almost hurt.
Machamp’s cock was hard too, just as large as Bruno’s, bouncing eagerly as it watched Bruno sink deeper and deeper inside Maylene.
Maylene moaned weakly, drooling at how this brutal cock was tearing her in two. She felt it crush her inside, plunging deeper, further, reaching up to her cervix and she hadn’t even fallen halfway down it. Machamp used it’s extra hands to help spread her cute pussy lips open so he could see better how his trainer was force fucking his massive girth inside Maylene, how her pussy swallowed it and accommodated it.
By now, the shape of Bruno’s cock was bulging in her abdomen, pushing against her plush skin, the perfect shape of the head of his hungry cock. With each thrust, Bruno fucked Maylene’s teen body just a little harder, swelling her abdomen just a little more.
Maylene felt like she was falling apart. She’d never, ever felt anything like this. The way that Bruno fucked her made her thoughtless, she felt like an object and being treated so rough felt incredible. Bruno’s massive cock had awoken something in her, something that she hadn’t known she was capable of. Even though her body was protesting, being abused past its limits, she found herself craving more, needing more, wanting the full of Bruno’s cock to slam into her and bruise her insides beyond recognition.
She wanted him to use her faster, harder, she wanted Bruno to pin his hands on her hips and swing her up and down across his impressive length like she were nothing more than a living onahole. Every time his cock kissed up against her most secret, deepest places this feeling rose in her like a flame, burning brighter like fire, just like the impossible heat of her skin.
Machamp slowly stroked his own cock as he watched, waiting his turn when Bruno would let him have his sloppy seconds.
Bruno on purpose slowed his pace, knowing from how Maylene whined and bucked her hips of her own will that she was getting addicted to his dick, turning into a stupid cocksleeve just like all the other girls he’d used like this.
Maylene whimpered, whining wordlessly, pleading instinctually for more.
“Say you want it.” Bruno’s voice was dark, severe, whispered in her ear.
“Oh…” Maylene tried to think enough to form words but it was so so difficult when Bruno pushed into the walls of her pussy like that. “Please…”
Bruno slowed his cock, pulling out so that just the tip remained inside. Maylene quickly grew desperate, trying to sink herself down on it but she was pinned where Bruno had her trapped in his vice grip.
“Please,” In her desperation Maylene found the words. “I-I… I don’t care what happens!! Please, impale me all the way on your monster cock! I want it, I need it, turn me into your stupid hole!”
Bruno laughed at how quickly she’d changed once her body had been beaten into submission. He thrust all of his imposing length into her in one motion, impaling her fully, the bulge on her abdomen impressive and severe. He’d fuck her senseless until she couldn’t remember her own name.
And then, the cock of his eager Machamp waited, just as intense as Bruno’s.

@Imouto_Kitten’s prompt: A mother Gardevoir witnesses her Gallade husband fucking their shiny Kirlia daughter(her unusal coloration being part of what attracted her father) through the crack of Kirlia's bedroom door, and is so distraught she decides to seduce her Ralts son.

Sephiria: Gardevoir couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
She watched as her husband slammed into their tiny daughter, how her skin faintly glittered and sparkled under the dim glow of the lamplight of her daughter Kirlia's bedroom.
Kirlia glittered, moaning sweetly when her father pumped his cock harder and harder inside her. There was no stopping him, he couldn’t help himself when she had such special coloration, he wanted to be the one to deflower their cute daughter. Gardevoir quietly gasped as she watched her daughter be defiled by the man who was sworn to protect her from it, who had promised to Gardevoir that he would only have sex with his wife.
It was her sweet baby, getting impaled on her Daddies impressive length. That was one of the things that had attracted Gardevoir in the first place, after all.
As she watched her husband’s cock disappear in Kirlia’s tight little cunt, Gardevoir came up with a plan. Two could play in this game. If it was fair game to corrupt their children, then Gardevoir would one up him and do one better.
They had a sweet son together, a very young Ralts. Gardevoir left the scene and crept to where he slept. She spread her legs and straddled him gently. While he slept, she coaxed his tiny little shota cock, urging it to rise as much as it could. She had to admit, her revenge was making her feel really, really good. She secretly hoped that Gallade would witness what she was about to do. They still kept Ralts in their bedroom after all, since he was so young.
Ralts woke up whining so Gardevoir distracted him with her heavy breasts, brushing them against his face. She knew he loved to suckle on her tits and he latched on right away, quieting down. Gardevoir felt satisfied with how his cock had sprouted for her, so she helped guide it into her pussy.
Crossing such a forbidden taboo had her feeling way too good. Ralts moaned against Gardevoir's nipple he was sucking. Gardevoir rolled her hips, letting her baby boy feel just how wonderful only his mother could feel inside.
Gardevoir made a point to moan loudly, hoping to attract Gallade’s attention to her crime.

@WalkinOnTheSun’s prompt: Futa Hilda with Rosa in the shower.

Sephiria: Rosa was so excited to spend some girl time with Hilda.
She had a crush on Hilda for quite some time, trying to find any excuse to get her alone. They had spent some time Pokémon battling in doing so and had gotten themselves dirty. Rosa offered the idea, hoping Hilda would take the bait, to shower together. Rosa made an excuse that they would be saving water that way. She was overjoyed when Hilda said yes.
When they were in the bathroom together, taking off their clothes, Rosa saw Hilda’s striking girlcock for the first time. She blushed. Wow, it was really big. She didn’t realize that Hilda even had something like that. While Rosa knew showering together, with her crush, would make her horny, this wasn’t something she had considered. It made her feel like it would be difficult to have any self control.
Just where did Hilda hide that fat cock anyway? Rosa stepped into the shower, trying not to draw attention to it or her arousal. She turned on the water. Hilda came in after her, stepping behind her in the tight squeeze of the shower stall. It forced them closer together, close enough that Hilda could help Rosa rinse parts of her back. Hilda was kind enough to even help Rosa shampoo her hair.
While Hilda was guiding the shampoo through Rosa’s long, brown hair, Rosa felt something hard poking into her back. She gasped, trying not to let it sound like a moan of pleasure but it was painfully obvious how horny Rosa was.
“I’m sorry!” Rosa apologized, even though it was Hilda who was poking the head of her erect cock against the small of her back.
Hilda pulled Rosa closer, rubbing her aching cock against Rosa’s tight ass cheeks. Rosa moaned earnestly at the sudden, forward gesture but she relaxed against it, letting Hilda play with her ass however she pleased. After feeling the heat of such an impressive dick, especially the cock of her crush, she was willing to let Hilda have her any way that she wanted.

@Tenseiga's prompt: this is such a cool idea!!! could you do one of an excitable lopunny who loooves her easily flustered (female) trainer? ^^

Sephiria: Lopunny was so excited to win the battle. She had been training hard and her trainer had spent lots of time taking care of her, grooming her, showering her with accolades of support. 

From when Lopunny was a young Buneary, her trainer had taken such good care of her. The friendship between them, their bond they shared was inseparable, irreplaceable. Lopunny really, truly loved her trainer. It was part of why she worked so hard—always eager to impress.

Her trainer frequently got flustered by how lovey-dovey Lopunny was, how, after each and every battle Lopunny would come bounding towards her, picking up her trainer in her arms, twirling her this way and that. Lopunny would giggle and make cute little sounds at her, trying to express the depths of her feelings. Her trainer would accept it, blushing, trying not to pay attention to the way Lopunny had gigantic breasts for a Pokemon of her age or size—constantly bouncing around whenever Lopunny used her fighting moves.

“OK, Lopunny you can put me down…” Lopunny’s trainers face bright pink, trying not to look at Lopunny or the deep wells of adoration within her Pokémon's eyes. 

Lopunny squeezed her trainer close to her, pulling her tight against her body for a big hug. She kissed her trainer's head, her cheeks, sniffing affectionately at her hair. Lopunny nuzzled her trainer's face before releasing her from her arms, still bouncing on her delicate little paws with excited energy.

Anonymous prompt: Dude buy/adopt/capture a really young female growlithe and train her to be a cumdump, and maybe he use pussy pump to make the cookie(canine pussy) bigger

Sephiria: A trainer was out wandering a very unique underground market where individuals with a certain type of need could purchase Pokemon. After spending too much time online, he’d heard that there were many different, more unique ways to bond with Pokemon than just training them for battle.
This trainer had never had a girlfriend, or any kind of emotional relationship with a person. They were looking for a Pokemon to satisfy their sexual urges, ever growing, constantly encouraged by their friends they knew online who all shared a similar fetish.
In one of the stalls there was a great iron cage with a very, very attractive little Growlithe inside. She was patient, staring up at this trainer with her warm eyes, wagging her tail with happiness at his attention. She had curvy, wide set hips that suited her gender so well.
After all, the trainer realized, he did love Pokemon, especially canine Pokemon. There was something about their affection that made him wish he could return the favor… He offered to purchase the little doll.
“This one has been trained already to be ready for use.” The merchant explained. He picked the little Growlithe up so that her hind legs were in the air, her large, swollen pussy exposed. “She’s in her breeding season so you’ll have no trouble. I’ll throw in a pump so you can get her cunt as big as you need it to be.”
The trainer was so flustered but eagerly accepted her, shuddering when Growlithe wiggled with joy and began licking his cheeks as he paid the merchant the money to be able to keep her.
He would have a lot of fun training her to be his personal cumdump. The trainer couldn’t wait to record a video to send all of his friends with similar interests when he got home, showing them what his new Growlithe could do.

Chapter Three

Anonymous prompt: Cynthia x Cogita Cynthia rims her ancestor and then gets her pregnant


Sephiria: Cynthia pressed her lips against Cogita, rolling her tongue along the most sensitive part of her ancestor. Cogita cried out, breaking under the pressure of Cynthia’s incredible desire all being unleashed upon her tight, virgin asshole. Cogita was too ladylike to even consider such a thing, but Enamorus had unleashed her powers upon the pair of women, making them unable to control their arousal. Teenagers from the modern era certainly had become less modest—and Cynthia was eager to demonstrate her skills.

Cogita had turned into such a horny bitch under Cynthia’s plush, glossed lips. It was something that unraveled parts of her elegant brain, transforming her into nothing more than a whore who desperately wanted to be bred like a common Pokemon.

Cynthia kissed and sucked against Cogita’s twitching asshole, pressing her tongue against it until it slid inside. Cynthia grinned with a sense of victory while Cogita gasped, her legs shuddering, her wet, hairy pussy drooling against her pale thighs.

Cynthia lapped against Cogita’s tight walls, each thrust of her tongue sending Cogita gasping desperately with disbelief that anyone could be capable of doing something so dirty . She wilted from holding herself up by her elbows until she was kneeled as flat as she could, her ass held high for Cynthia to dominate, the round swells of her tits pressed into the floor.

From the way Cogita whined, Cynthia knew she was more than ready.

Cynthia stroked her thick, veiny girlcock within her fist, already slick with precum thanks to Enamorus’s interference with the girls hormones and biology. She grinned, lining herself up with Cogita’s pussy. 

Cogita didn’t hesitate, rolling herself back into Cynthia, impaling herself on Cynthia’s impressive length. 

They fucked hard and fast, like Pokemon, wordlessly and aggressive. Cynthia wasn’t going to stop until she came deep inside Cogita.

She wanted to knock up her ancestor. She needed to. Everything screamed inside her with a swelling, mounting desire, the horniness that only the Pokemon responsible for fertility and all its properties could provide. 

It wasn’t long until Cynthia was slamming her cock in against Cogita’s womb, filling her up with thick cum—undeniably making her ancestor pregnant.

Anonymous prompt: instead of requiring the tears of the pokemon to revive ash all of them need to cum on him instead


Sephiria: The stone figure of Ash, frozen on the ground, was in the center of all of the Pokemon, both those who were clones and those who were not. All Pokemon were under Mewtwo’s control.

“Humiliate the human…” He telepathically released the thought, the one that all of the Pokemon were made to listen to and obey. “Mark him and desecrate this statue of the boy that tried to defy me.”

The Pokemon moved to gather close to Ash. They stroked their cocks, rubbing them against the cool stone, Pokemon large and small. Ash was covered in their filthy cocks, of all shapes and sizes, so strange and eccentric, weeping and leaking precum all over where he was locked inside the stone—still conscious, unable to escape such a violating assault.

It wasn’t long at all until one after another the hordes of Pokemon were covering Ash with their cum, coating the stone with a thick layer of white.

Little did they know, this would release him, leaving him to wake up from his solid form coated in thick layers of Pokemon cum.

Anonymous prompt: The trainer of a garchomp really cares for them ever since she was a gibble, so during a moment where they are both alone and in private, she decides to finally repay his favor


Sephiria: “Oh, Garchomp, you’ve been so good to me.” His trainer stroked him how Garchomp liked being petted on its head. He closed his eyes, leaning into his trainer's touch. “You always work so hard, we could never have made it to the league without your help.”

Garchomp grunted happily, snorting from his nose and slapping his tail against the ground proudly.

“I thought of a nice reward for you.” Garchomp’s trainer said. “To repay the favor.”

Garchomp didn’t have time to cock his head before his trainer’s searching hands were running against his sheathed cocks. His trainer rubbed against him, coaxing both of his large, bumpy cocks out. They were bright red, glistening, pulsing until they were fully erect under Garchomp’s trainer's strokes.

“That’s my good boy.” His trainer praised him, using both hands to fist both of Garchomp’s massive cocks. 

Garchomp’s trainer gave him a dual handjob, squeezing and hugging his cocks tenderly until Garchomp got really close—then his trainer took one of them into their mouth, sucking on as much as they could physically get into their mouth. 

Garchomp came all over their face and into their fist. Their trainer swallowed it all, licking it up off their palm.

content warning: underage

@yurievinstitute's prompt: volo cumming in lolishirona's pussy and then petting her head saying how good she is for taking it 💓💓💓


Sephiria: Volo couldn’t get enough of his dear little sister's smooth, chubby pussy. It was so sweet, small and delicate and it always caved to the demands of her freaky older brother's cock. 

Cynthia was too small to wrap her legs around his waist but she wouldn’t have gotten to anyway since Volo had his hands tight around the center of her waist, fucking her up and down his length like she were a loli onahole. Despite being so young, she’d gotten so wet for him—thanks to countless hours of special trainer bonding, the excuse Volo used to groom his little sister into roleplaying all of his depraved fantasies and storing all of his hot cum.

His balls tightened, his brain turning senseless to anything other than the sensation of his little girl milking his dick, the perfection of underage pussy proving itself to him once more. Little Cynthia was going to safely store another load of his cum for him for the second time today.

He came hard into her, trying to fill up and defile that little womb that had barely had time to finish developing. 

“Oh good girl,” He sighed, feeling his cock slowly relax inside her tight cunt that refused to let go of her brother. “What a good baby. Good job for taking all that cum, I’m so proud of you.”
He stroked her hair gently, holding her close. She felt so proud of herself for pleasing her brother and blushed at the way he praised her.

Anonymous prompt: leaf (or akari, your choice) gets caught in sweet scent. she’s heard that if something like this happens then she has to make herself cum to clear her head so she can get to safety—but somehow all she can jerk off to is the idea of being in peril or falling victim to a dangerous pokémon…….which makes it even harder to shake off her arousal. maybe she finds that when she cums it leaves her completely helpless to her hidden assailant…

Sephiria: Leaf hadn't realized the Safari Zone would be so perilous.

She knew about things that could happen here, especially with such rowdy Pokemon, but foolishly she’d assumed that it would never possibly affect her—someone who was well on their way to becoming the league champion, and at such a young age no less!

Leaf had been caught in a flurry of Sweet Scent, finding herself sunk to her knees in the tall grass and frighteningly horny. She knew deep down, from the little slivers of herself that could still think rational thought, that this was a dangerous situation. She remembered back to Pokedex entries which informed trainers that one had to relieve themselves to be free of the more… undesirable side effects brought on by an over-exposure to sweet scent. 

Leaf would have to give it her best shot.

She plunged her hand into her panties, feeling how slick she was already, even without touching herself. She slid her gentle fingers against her hard clit, running circles against it to coax herself to cum but it was no use. She couldn’t get close enough. She’d have to imagine something.

She started to think but quickly her thoughts spiraled to all of the dangerous Pokemon that roamed the Safari Zone and what they might do to her if they found her so exposed and vulnerable like this. She imagined the Tauros of the area being lured to her by her scent, their fat cocks slapping against the trunks of their bellies once they saw her spread out like this, squatting down and furiously stroking her clit. She groaned, thinking of a Nidorino slamming her to the ground with ferocity, piercing her with its barbed, poisonous cock. She wondered how big it got, how it would feel when those heavy bulbs and barbs across its cock plunged into her pussy and punished it for being such a little slut.

Leaf knew she was going to cum as soon as she thought of Pinsir, a Pokemon who could easily trap her in its sharp jaws and leave her trapped so other Pokemon could take turns with her. She came hard, moaning so loud that she attracted the attention of a Pokemon that she was fantasizing about, ready to make such dirty fantasies a reality…

@Imouto_Kitten’s prompt: Misty has taken on a pair of NPC trainers of the Twins class who wish to specialize in water types as apprentices... Part of them being her apprentice has them calling her Mistress and Misty talking them into training in ever more revealing swimsuits(culminating in using a band-aid to cover each nipple and a third to cover their clits) as well as Misty laying her hands on the girls to correct their battle poses as a pretense. In reality, she's grooming the pair of little lolis so that, by the time she orders them to bend over and take her futa cock in their tiny twatties, they won't have enough of a sense of shame left to protest... and the perfect pretense is punishing them for a uniform violation on the day she replaces the box of waterproof band-aids with the kind that barely handle sweat, never mind the drenching common to training in a water gym.


Sephiria: The twin apprentices shifted nervously as they approached the cool, white marble tile of the pool's training area, feeling the grooves of the tiny grid tile against their bare feet.

They followed Misty, their idol who had granted them the very elusive honor of being her understudies, training as apprentices to her water type capabilities. While normally, the two young girls bounded with pride and giddiness, today they were embarrassed, trying to cover up what their uniform did not.

Across the length of their sweet, tiny, young bodies there was nothing to cover them other than the tiny, blue band-aids pressed against their nipples and their tiny little cunts. They were fully exposed, the band-aids incapable of even hiding the crests of their nipples that were standing at attention from the chill of the pool floor.

But, Misty had demanded this uniform and the girls were ever so trusting, very sweet, honest girls—easily manipulated, effortless to groom. And there they stood like the little sluts that they didn’t know that they were (yet), waiting for Misty's direction.

“Girls!” Misty exclaimed when she saw them. “I didn’t say you could use two band-aids on your fat little pussies!”

“We’re sorry Mistress…” The girls didn’t protest, they were just so embarrassed. They had used two because their puffy pussy lips made it difficult for the band-aid not to get lost in the pink little slit in the middle.

“You know I could really punish you girls.” Misty put her finger against her cheek while she talked, as though she were thinking of an appropriate punishment—as if she didn’t already have this planned from the beginning. “But I’ll be nice today—as long as you don’t make any more mistakes with your uniforms~”

“Oh no!” One of the twins whispered, holding the other's hand.

“Yes, Mistress.” Her elder twin spoke on both of their behalf.

The three of them got to training, practicing moves like Bubble Beam and Watergun. 

It wasn’t long at all before their little waterproof band-aids began to peel, showing the pink, soft skin underneath. Desperately, before they thought Misty could notice, the girls pressed into where the band-aids were folding off of their skin, trying to rub it back down, to re-adhere the glue. It was no use, and only served to make the little kids feel so funny whenever they rubbed into their clit or their fully erect nipples.

Before the hour was up, the first band-aids had fallen. 

“Girls! That’s a uniform violation!” Misty pretended to act shocked. “You’re naked, you little sluts!”

The girls gasped and blushed, looking anywhere but at Misty.

“What will I do with you? I can’t have you misrepresenting the gym like this…” Misty came closer to them. Even though Misty was a very young teenager, she was much older than these girls. She had a size difference from them. “Bend over. You’ll have to prove to me how far you are willing to go to make it up to me.”

Both of the girls nodded, kneeling down onto the puddles of water of the clean pool tile. They were more embarrassed about their violation of Misty’s rules than the fact that their hero was staring at their cute little pussies. 

Misty stroked her cock, releasing it from where it was so hard in her tight Japanese style swimsuit.

It was time for these cute twins to learn all about why they’d been really selected for training under Misty—and the real kind of sex training they’d be doing from now on.

Anonymous prompt: Angry sex with Leaf and Lucas; He's angry at her for something genuinely hurtful (not cheating though). Blowjob is a bonus.

Sephiria: “Leaf! How could you do that!” Lucas was upset with her, holding her hair roughly in his fists as he forced her head to bob up and down the length of his cock. “You released one of my favorite Pokemon! Why?”

Leaf choked against his cock as he speared into her throat—the way her tongue felt against his dick was the only thing that soothed his anger just enough to not really get cruel with her. Leaf couldn’t answer until he pulled her head back firmly, sliding off his cock with a pop, threads of saliva falling from her lips onto his cock.

“I didn’t like it…” Leaf breathed, being honest about her feelings now that she was being punished. Deep down, she probably wanted to aggravate Lucas more, to provoke him into steamy, angry sex.

Lucas growled wordlessly in exasperation with her. He forced her back down with two hands until his balls were pressed against her lips. Leaf gagged as the tip of his cock pressed way too deep down her throat. 

She started to roll her tongue along him—that dumb whore was getting off on this? Lucas threw her off his cock and let her crash to the ground. Leaf made a half hearted attempt to get away but Lucas was on her, rolling up her short skirt, tearing off her cute panties. 

He took her thighs up into his hands, pressing them against her so he could hilt himself inside and mating press her with all the severe burning anger he’d felt.

Lucas would make her take it, he'd use her as a stress toy to release all his anger and frustration. This time, when she begged him to pull out, he wouldn’t. Serves her right for doing something so hurtful, he thought. The idea of it made his cock excited. Maybe he’d feel a bit better if he came in her more than once…

Chapter Four

Sweaty_Scents's prompt: a hypnotized Musky Futa!Delia breaks free of her mind control, only to find a feminized Ash "pregnant" and addicted to her musk


Sephiria: Delia came to her awareness blearily, feeling so strange. Her body felt unusual and when she looked down upon herself she found that her son, Ash looked... extremely different!
Ash looked exactly like a woman now, with a swollen tummy, and there Ash was between his mother's legs, rubbing his feminized face into the seam of Delia's pants. Delia was so mortified by this situation, in shock by what was happening and the strong smell that she began to realize was coming from her.

"Mommmmmm~" Ash whined, inhaling against where Delia's futa cock was tented in her jeans. "It smells so good here, take it out for me already!"
Delia blushed. The way her son looked now, just like a daughter definitely made her musky cock respond. She couldn't do this! What had happened in all the time she had lost track of? She felt as though she were under a spell. 

Ash kept sniffing and drooling and inhaling, guiding out Delia's cock.

"You already got me pregnant but let's keep going~" Ash grinned with lips that were painted with lipstick. "I'm addicted, we can't just stop now!"

intresstingkitty131's prompt: I'd love to see a story based on this image (link in comment section).

With ash turned into a female purugly and meowth taking care of her (and getting some of that fat kitty booty)


Sephiria: Meowth was really happy with had happened to Ash's brand new, female Purugly body. He---or rather, SHE----looked a lot better now, Meowth thought. 

Meowth had lots of fun breeding her and enjoying Ash's soft, round kitty body. Now Ash was even cuter since she was pregnant and her tummy was getting even bigger. The hormones of it even made her cat booty fatter, which Meowth definitely appreciated.
Meowth made her a nest where he had her rest and he took care of her, petting her, grooming her into enjoying this new cat way of life. 

"Once this pregnancy is done, I'm finding a cure..." Ash grumbled, hiding her face in her paws. 

"You just don't realize how much nicer it is being a cat!" Meowth smiled and patted her on the head. He was eager to get some more relief out of using her tight kitty holes again today. "Once you have our litter you won't want to change back anymore."

"Well I have to get back to my friends!" Ash stuck up her tiny little nose in the air, her whiskers bristling. 

Meowth got behind her and put his paws on her thick legs, lining himself up so he could enjoy using her again. "Aw, Ash, I'll help you forget all about those guys!"

Mr_Awful's prompt: Misty, May, & Dawn catch Ash spying on their river bath, and they can't resist the urge to make fun of his micropenis.


Sephiria: Misty, May and Dawn were enjoying the fresh river water on their skin. It had been a long time since they'd gotten to relax. The girls were splashing each other back and forth and having some playful fun. When both May and Dawn were helping each other wash their backs, Misty was watching how the trees across the shore danced in the breeze, comfortable floating on her back. The water was her favorite place in the world. Suddenly, in the trees, she saw movement. She jumped up and swam towards it and lo and behold, it was Ash!

"Ash, are you spying!" Misty called out. 

Both May and Dawn stopped what they were doing and swam over, the three of them now wading out of the water until it was to their knees. They could clearly see Ash, he'd been stroking himself and he was caught in the act.

Ash stepped forward, knowing it was no use to run away. He hid his tiny cock in his swim trunks and walked closer to try to explain himself and tell the girls that he definitely wasn't doing what they thought he was. 

"Listen, I just happened to be in the area-" Ash began, but Dawn grumpily reached out before he could continue and pulled down the elastic band of his swim trunks.

The girls had all expected to get angry with him and tell him off for spying but instead they all burst out into laughter when they saw his tiny, pathetic cock.

"Are you kidding?!" May giggled, covering her mouth with her hands.

"Okay, that's got to be the smallest thing I've ever seen." Dawn watched as Ash's cock twitched when he said it and they all laughed again.

Ash's little penis was at best two inches and it was fully hard right now. Ash definitely had been stroking it while he watched the girls and here it was, so close to cumming but still impossibly, humiliatingly tiny.

"Ash, if you ever think you could get with us you're crazy!" Misty's anger was gone now that she'd seen how small he was. "Like... I don't even think you could fuck a girl if you tried."

Ash blushed, so embarrassed. He couldn't get a word in from how they were teasing him.

"My little brother has a bigger dick than that!" May added.

Mr_Awful's prompt: Gary Oak fucks Delia Ketchum so hard with his big dick, she's willing to reveal her son's "biggest" secret, his 2" penis, just so he won't stop fucking her. Ash only finds out when the Video Recording goes Viral.


Sephiria: Gary flashed a smile at the livestream that was watching at home. Of course, he knew about it having set it up but Delia certainly didn't. 

Delia was moaning and whining on his cock, taking it like such a good girl, really making herself out to be a slut to their audience the way that she went crazy whenever Gary pounded her harder.

Gary knew he was good at it, using all of his practice to make a lonely woman like Delia fall apart and humiliate herself was so easy, too easy. Gary loved the feeling of her hot, wet pussy so eager to please but also the added benefit of having blackmail to torment stupid Ash with was even better, a cherry on top.

He slowed his pace and Delia whined, trying to thrust her hips up and onto his cock with the same pace that he'd set before but it was no use.

"Why did you stop~" She moaned, trying to convince him to pound against her womb again. "Please, keep fucking me with that fat dick!"

"Hmmm~" Gary feigned that he was thinking of something. He pulled out just enough so that only the tip remained inside Delia. "I don't know. What can you offer me?"

Delia sighed helplessly. "I don't know but I'll do anything! Please, it feels too good, I need you to fuck me harder!"

Gary laughed a little to himself. "Alright, maybe I'll fuck you even harder than I did before if you reveal your sons secret~" He winked at the camera. Always the show-off.

"His secret?" Delia asked, confused.

"Yeah!" Gary plunged in for one deep thrust, letting his balls clap against her just once, knowing it would make her go crazy. "Doesn't he have a secret he's hiding about his cock? I heard his biggest secret was something about how it was..."

"Oh!" Delia understood what Gary was asking for, too horny to have a filter and willing to do anything for Gary to continue to pound her rough and fast. "My little Ash has a two inch penis, it' really small and that's his biggest secret! Can you please fuck my pussy hard again now?"

"Sure thing~" Gary grinned with his victory, driving into Delia with a wild Pokemon.


Ash closed his internet browser after being sent the video from one of his friends. He was bright red, totally mortified. Now, not only did everyone know his mother was a stupid slut, but they also knew about his tiny excuse of a penis. 

There was no way he would ever come back from this.

KassTheFuta's prompt: I got one!

A trainer of the Beauty class who only catches beautiful Pokémon goes after an Alpha Gardevoir. Unbeknownst to her though, this Gaedevoir is a futa, and in the middle of mating season. After a failed capture attempt, she uses her psychic powers to implant false memories into the Beauty making her think she's always wanted to be a Pokémon breeding sow, and happily pleases her new mistress~


Sephiria: Today, this beautiful trainer was going to catch herself an Alpha Gardevoir! It just made sense for her team, the one she had so carefully designed, all Pokemon who suited her sense of aesthetics. The trainer had ventured out into the wilderness where she had heard Gardevoir could be found, knowing there were numerous sightings but no successes made it all the more exciting for her to go collect the last pretty Pokemon she needed for her team to be complete.

It wasn't difficult to find her, not with Alpha Gardevoir having such a graceful, commanding presence of the forest. The trainer had a rucksack filled with Pokeballs and was ready for the encounter. From her position crouched behind the tree, she let one of her Pokeballs soar.

It failed!

The trainer pursed her lips, readying another Pokeball. But, this Gardevoir was an Alpha Pokemon. She was smart, way more intelligent than other Pokemon who could be fooled by hiding in the grass. This Gardevoir was in her mating season and she knew a way she could make this trespasser useful.

Before the Beauty could escape, Gardevoir released her psychic powers that blossomed into the sky all around them in a pink, radiating glow. Instantly, the trainer forgot what her original purpose was and her mind was cleared out by Gardevoir's incredible capabilities.

All of a sudden, the trainer was gifted all kinds of strange, new, wonderful ideas from this Alpha Gardevoir, the one who she now regarded as her Mistress. The trainer realized that she always wanted to be a breeding sow for such a powerful Pokemon, especially something so beautiful as a Gardevoir. The trainer fell to her knees, almost drooling, getting so wet just from the idea of pleasing such a wonderful creature and turning into a Pokemon slave, a Pokemon's toy.

Gardevoir shifted the long folds of her body, releasing her fat futa cock which bounced as it was dropped down into the open air. The trainer gasped, amazed, but she was sooo happy to see how hard her new Mistress was. 

The trainer didn't hesitate, rolling over onto her back, pulling up her dress so that Gardevoir could see how wet her pussy was, how her holes were perfectly tight and ready to be bred. Gardevoir would fuck her even stupider and keep this little trainer bitch in the woods with her and use her like the sow she now believed she was.

Poke a Digimon's prompt: Here's one:

May and Swampert are watching a news broadcast of her previous Pokémon Contest where Swampert's Mega Evolution caused him to lose control of his urges and mating press his trainer in front of millions on live TV, almost like that one Hulk and Black Widow gif. She's pissed and scolding him, he's ashamed, and they're both thoroughly embarrassed and wondering how their Coordinator career is going to recover, after this. Despite the circumstances, watching the broadcast still gets both of them horny again, though.


Sephiria: May covered her face with her hands as soon as she heard the headline, the one that haunted her continually.

Pokemon Coordinator Had Sexual Relations With Her Contest Swampert After A Mega Evolution Gone Wrong! 

May was on the couch with Swampert. She was so pissed at him! How could he do that to her? Now everyone had seen her get mating pressed so hard and rough on national television and even worse, it was a Pokemon's cock that fucked her! Swampert's freaky, fat, Mega Evolved cock!! 

"Swampert, I can't believe you did that!" May cried, trying to change the channel but she couldn't find the remote. In the background, the sound of their recorded, rough sex was loud. May could hear herself moaning like a bitch in heat, coming from her television. She flushed red. "Seriously! How could you?"

Swampert was watching what was on TV. 

May gasped. "Swampert, you're hard! Stop it! I don't know how my Coordinator career can ever recover after this..."

Swampert's cock was really hard while he watched May take his dick on television. May looked so cute in her Coordinator dress, especially when it was hiked up to the side like that. Watching it made him just want to fuck her again. Her pussy always felt the best...

Swampert crawled on top of her even though May tried to shoo him off. She heard the sound of Swampert's balls plopping against her wet pussy on TV and it made her blush. She didn't want to admit it, but getting dominated like that and fucked so hard did feel really, really good.

"Cut it out and get your cock off me..." May looked away from him, feeling the heat of his dick against her black, tight short shorts.

Swampert wouldn't listen. He could feel that she was wet since it was soaking through her little bike shorts. Seeing the broadcast made him horny and made him need to use her little cunt to milk his cock again.

TheCommonCold's prompt: Arezu sits on Rei's face after noticing that Rei likes staring at her ass and always tries to take a peek at it when he thinks that she isn't looking.
Enjoying the moment, Rei decides to rim Arezu and worships her ass.


Sephiria: Arezu thought Rei looked really cute from where he was beneath her, laying under her thick ass that he liked so much.

"I know you're always peeking when you think I'm not looking," She whispered to him. She could see how hard he was even from just from her sitting on his face. "Did you think I really wouldn't notice?"

Rei moaned against her, feeling her pussy and ass against his face was an absolute delight and he could press his hands into her fat ass cheeks. He massaged them eagerly when she didn't stop him. She laughed softly at his enthusiasm. 

"Arezu, you're just too sexy..." Rei breathed, kissing against the smooth lines between her cheeks. Arezu shuddered when he started to kiss against her asshole. "You're so pink here... and so soft... even softer than I'd imagined."

Arezu let him keep doing it. It felt too good, the way that he eagerly lapped at her and licked against her hole. 

"Your ass is the best I've ever seen, I can't stop looking at it," Rei pulled her open further, spreading her apart the best he could so he could sink his tongue inside her and rub it against her tight asshole that kept twitching for him in pleasure as he gave it such personal, devoted attention. "Now that I get to touch it I just can't stop."

Arezu leaned her head back, moaning quietly at how good it felt when he worshipped it like that. 

"It even tastes good here," Rei continued, kissing and sucking against it in a way that made Arezu feel so horny. "I just can't get enough of it, I'd do anything for this ass."