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Summary: Encouraged by Enamorus, the force of nature known as the fertility Pokemon, Volo finally realizes what he has desired most from Akari for all this time.

Published Date: 2022-10-28
Words: 5322
Status: Complete!
Fandom: Pokemon Legends Arceus (VoloKari)
Rating: Explicit (NSFW)
Category: F/M
Tags: Volo, Akari, Vaginal Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Oral Sex, Breeding, Pregnancy Kink, Creampie, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Manipulation, Grooming, Age Difference, Aphrodisiacs, Mildly Dubious Consent, Cunnilingus, Begging.

Volo had gotten very good at waiting.

Of course, there were numerous things that he wanted, that he needed until they burned within him. Volo was a man driven solely by such motivations, by increasingly dangerous goalposts he set for himself, the steepest chances of sinking all those dreams that he had worked so hard for. But, Volo was a tactician by nature and had gambled on the odds of his success, reminding himself of the common saying, “the bigger the risk, the greater the reward'' and emblazoning it onto his heart.

Yet, a new series of desires had begun to overwhelm him, encroaching upon all others until it overshadowed them. A young teenage girl had consumed him, overriding his other impulses until all roads and all of his thoughts lead back to her—Akari, a sweet, simple girl, the girl who had fallen from the clouds of Heaven. She acted like it too, so naïve, offering her trust even to a man like Volo who had not rightfully earned it, who so thinly veiled his true yearning.

At first, the friendly merchant Volo—the title a masquerade he placed upon himself—found himself curious about Akari, the girl wonder. She was beautiful, serenely so. She had a natural grace that was unintentional and unpracticed, silky long hair, smooth skin, doe-like eyes, rosy cheeks and lips. She was healthy, capable and motivated, always eager to help others, positive about all outcomes despite her position. In all the ways she had been created, she was perfect, especially amongst the filth of those that milled about Jubilife Village. Volo had never taken genuine interest in anyone before, but Akari was special , Akari was unique , and before long, Akari had become a full-blown obsession.

Volo hadn’t understood what he truly wanted from her—not at first, at least. He was drawn to her, magnetically pulled despite having much more important matters to attend to. Volo made it a point to slowly but surely groom her like he might train a Pokémon, luring her as though she were a gentle Buneary until she learned to trust his large claws wrapped around her waist, his grip sunk deep into her mind, penetrating her body and soul—all in the way that a young girl could trust a man in the season that came before her first love.

It was a rush, a thrill—finally, something truly satisfying that did not require blood or sacrifice or regret. Time and time again, there he was, the tall figure that emerged from the borders of nature to come for Akari at just the right time, oh how convenient Volo was! How he always had everything Akari could think of requesting and more! How gentle he was! Even his Pokémon were such sweet little things, especially his Togepi, a totally innocuous attraction that did wonders at keeping a young girl’s interest—a red herring to distract her from inappropriate touches, from Volo’s overeager hands, from the ravenous look that had began to emerge in Volo’s features every time that the two were alone…

With a calculated predictability that Volo had slaved and agonized over getting just right, Akari had fallen into his snare, trapped in the noose that she hadn’t even realized was tight around her neck. She’d fallen in love with Volo, the rehearsed performance he had staged, and all that had leaked through of his true feelings. His crazed fascination with her only added to her appreciation of him. Akari was showered in such affection from him that it kept her entirely still, obedient; all a sugary sweet manipulation that ached every time Volo granted her the approval that she—over time—had grown to become so painfully desperate to seek out.

No one else would do. Volo was her first crush, the man who all the fantasies of her hopeful heart sang about. She had no context to compare him to; she simply knew that it felt good when he touched her, pressed against her, complimented her, praised her. Everything questionable, objectionable—even their difference in age—never occurred to her as even being strange. Why would she consider it? Volo made her happy.

And this worked extremely well for Volo. He had plans set in case Akari didn’t return his feelings. He had no intention of accepting it if she denied him. But, thankfully, she had invited him to claim her with open arms, in a way that felt so addictive to Volo. He kept pressing the boundaries, testing her limits.

They became physical, sexual. Volo was eager to experience Akari with all of his senses, to claim her in the spring of her youth, to engrave the memory of his touch onto her heart in a way she would never forget as long as she lived—with or without him.

Akari was clueless to boundaries, unaware of the depravity of Volo’s wishes—she had no idea about anything intimate or sexual. Volo was all the more excited to corrupt his darling, innocent angel, to paint her into the picture that best suited him, conditioning her until she performed enthusiastically for his pleasure—without ever knowing what it truly meant—that would make anyone else blush.

Their relationship was a poorly kept secret. Volo’s presence was always something of a novelty when he arrived back in town, always coinciding with Akari’s trips back and forth for the Survey Corps. Akari was a young, bubbly girl who had a hard time containing her joy about him and the way he made her feel. The way she looked at him or sounded when she gushed about him telegraphed her undying devotion to him louder than any words possibly could.

The winds of Hisui carried the breath of the rumors of Akari and Volo’s relationship all the way until it reached Cogita, master of Enamorus, record keeper of the ancient Sinnoh people—the one most invested in the future of Volo’s progeny. She desired nothing more than continuing their noble, ancient race, and the opportunity had presented itself to her in the form of this skyfallen child.

In the early dawn, when Volo was out harvesting berries to feed to his Togepi before it awoke, Cogita’s plan was set into motion.

Volo was a silhouette against the hues of orange and reds of the sky, knee-deep in the tall, bleached grass. All the Pokémon were in a sleepy lull, Wurmple stirring from rest hazily. Volo’s hair was loose, drifting against his cheeks, rolling in the cool breath of the wind. He gently plucked berries from the lower branches of the trees, the tender fruits glowing from the long rays of the sun as he brought them into his outstretched shirt, using it like a basket to contain them.

Enamorus drifted to him in a flurry of petals, a gust of wind that caught him by surprise. He wasn’t expecting it; he dropped his hands and searched towards where he thought it had come from, but it was no use. The berries spilled into the grass, pink dust and petals filtering down around him, covering him in the hail of a strange spell, quickly sending Volo into a sudden string of thoughts and inspiration—an all new, terrible desire.

In this hypnotic enchantment, a deep truth slowly unlocked in his mind, revealed to him as clear as day.

Akari had to be the one to accept the seed of his people.

“This tea is really interesting!” Akari chirped happily as she always did, sitting cross-legged by the campfire Volo had built for her. “You’ve never made me this kind before!”

Volo smiled to himself, knowing full well the reason why he’d never thought to give it to her. The herbs he’d used would make her powerless to his advances. They would cloud her mind with an impossible state of arousal that only one thing could fix.

He didn’t comment on it, throwing some more twigs into the mouth of the firepit after cracking them in half with a violent snap. The flames glinted on his face, glowing against his cheeks in the midnight blue that surrounded them at nightfall. The leaves of the trees that blanketed the couple rustled in the breeze, punctuating Volo’s deliberate silence, his unwillingness to confess the crimes against Akari that were now set into motion.

“Why don’t you sit and have a cup with me too? You’ve been working so hard recently!” Akari blushed, swallowing another mouthful of her potion from the clay mug she held between her cold hands before admitting her true feelings. “I’ve missed you, Volo.”

The innocent way that Akari stared at him dreamily, full of undying affection and devotion, made Volo’s stomach twist with arousal. Such a sweet, young thing, sitting right across from him, so far out in nature, all alone for miles and miles, was all his, ripe for the taking.

Akari was used to his silence. The hungry way his pale hazel eyes would size her up and dissect her didn’t faze her at all. It was part of his charm to her now that she had trusted him as deeply as she had. She mistook the threat as evidence of a pure hearted love that her modest heart had imagined.

“It’s just for you. I’m alright.” Volo replied after a long while had passed between them. He watched her motions closely, incapable of preventing his smile from growing each time Akari pressed the mug to her lips, from across the pit of fire that crackled and sputtered as the twigs and branches were slowly consumed. “You’ve been on my mind too.”

Akari blushed with giddiness, feeling butterflies in her stomach and nodded, accepting his answer as it had been delivered to her, as unquestioning as always. She leaned against the back of Volo’s large, dozing Arcanine, finding her warmth comfortable, enjoying this quiet time between her and Volo, cherishing the comfort of a hot mug of herbal tea after a long week of adventuring and furthering Pokémon research.

It wasn’t long at all until Akari found herself feeling strange. At first, she mistook it for drowsiness, but it somehow felt different. There was a strength to the feeling that made her body tingle and hum. There was definitely something in particular that she needed—that much she knew for sure—but she had yet to place her finger on it, lost in the flush that continued through her body until it began to overwhelm her, making her heart race.

Volo watched Akari attentively as her breath became heavy and labored, as the rouge of her face became more noticeable, unique from the reflection of fire that crept along the edges of her features. It had worked faster than he thought—and still Akari sipped from her tea, finishing her cup with a sigh.

“Thank you for the tea!” She clapped the bottom of the mug into her palm triumphantly, the fog that had now clouded her mind audible in the tone of her voice. She was such a polite girl even in the alarming situation she had found herself in—the web that she hadn’t even noticed had caught her. “It was really good!”

Volo nearly groaned, but he bit his tongue, exhaling hard to control himself. He couldn’t risk frightening her yet, not when he didn’t have her pinned beneath him like he wanted.

“I’m sincerely glad you enjoyed it, my girl.” The flames of the fire danced, rolling arcs and curves burning brighter, their intensity reflected in his eyes.

Akari hummed, letting herself lay back onto Arcanine’s fluffy fur. She stared up at the stars, watching them twinkle, feeling the same glittery sensation pulsing through her veins, swelling with an unusual desire that made her thoughts difficult to access or interpret. She felt so giddy and lucky to be someone special to Volo, the only person he ever looked at like that. He always treated her so kindly. She felt so taken care of…

The feeling of being so safe, so tended to, made her feel so warm—so hot. It burned through her body as intensely as the flames that separated them. She panted shallowly, her skin dewy with a thin veil of sweat.

Volo stood after a moment of patiently observing her, knowing she was ready for him, that the moment had come when Akari would be in the perfect condition for his advances.

Volo’s boots crunched against the pebbles and rocks that made up the outskirts of the fire pit they had dug. His shadow rolled across Akari as he stood above her, tilting his head to examine her condition close up. He pretended to assess her, feigning that he had no idea what could be making her so confused and delirious. He attempted a diagnosis anyway.

“Poor thing, I think you’ve come down with something!” Volo exclaimed like he was an award winning performer. “You must have overworked yourself. Let’s get you into bed.”

Akari looked up at him dizzily, shivering slightly from a chill only she could feel. She smiled gently at him, admiring the way that he was always so observant of her needs.

“Oh,” she breathed, “alright…”

Volo leaned down and scooped her into his strong arms. It was effortless to hold her and carry her, and he’d gotten a lot of practice in the few months that they’d been sexually intimate with each other. Akari wrapped her arms around his neck, snuggling in close to him as he brought her like a bride into his arms.

“Thank you…” She whispered, pressing her head into his chest, relaxing completely as he whisked her away to the tent that they’d planned on sharing.

Volo grinned, his face shadowed by his cap, his dark expression of desire invisible to Akari. He was so close to finally claiming her, declaring his ownership over every part of her body in a way that would be impossible for her to return from, in a way that would have all of his desired consequences.

He pulled back the tanned fabric of their tent, sliding inside and laying Akari down so gently atop the rainbow of thick quilts and blankets and cotton pillows. He adjusted her where she laid so she was vulnerable to him, staring up at him while he buttoned the tent shut, sealing them from any interruptions from the outside world.

Akari was all his own, his toy that no one could prevent him from using, corrupting, and controlling. He kneeled down, padding along on his palms until he straddled her where she laid in a drug induced bliss, in a state of welcoming acceptance to all of Volo’s advances.

“Volo, I miss you…” Akari whined, feeling desperate for the sensation of Volo against her, holding her as he had when he’d carried her over. It was overpowering, all-consuming, a drumming need that pulsed through her, chanting for his touch, his embrace, his attention. “Please…”

Volo felt his legs go weak when she begged like that for something she really didn’t know she was asking for. He pressed the back of his palm against her forehead, and she gasped with excitement at the gentle touch that she’d craved, even one so ordinary as checking her temperature.

“You’re really warm, Akari,” he whispered sensually. He pressed his hands into her robes, then her tight black shirt—it was already slightly damp with the heat of her eagerness, the arousal the herb provided. “We need to get you out of these clothes. I’ll help you, don’t worry.”

“Okay…” Akari watched him through half-lidded eyes, letting her arms fall to the side of her body, pliant and obedient as long as it meant that Volo’s hands might come closer to her, that he might linger on her body longer as he undressed her.

“That’s my good girl.” Volo praised her in a way that he knew would make her moan. He brought his large, weathered hands to her scarf, unraveling and unfolding it slowly, letting his fingertips brush against the soft skin of her neck. Volo let her bright red scarf fall out of his hands once he unwound it from her neck, letting it filter down gently to the mess of heavy quilts around them. Akari’s hair gently fanned out around her like a halo as she settled back into their bed. Her bandana fell from her head after he released her from her scarf.

The sneak preview of Akari’s nudity, even just of the smooth curve of her neck, already had Volo going wild, feeling as though he were rapidly approaching the absolute limits of what remained of his self control.

Volo guided his exhilarated hands to the sash tightly tied across Akari’s slender waist, loosening it faster than he’d ever released a knot in all of his life. Akari trembled under him, her legs jolting each time he made contact with her, even through the thick fabric of her Survey Corps uniform.

Volo peeled off the offending belt and tie, resenting that it dared prevent him from tearing open her robes immediately. The velvety material fell away with a gentle hiss; it was sent soaring, discarded, unnecessary.

Volo gripped the edges of her robe, throwing it open. He could hardly contain himself. Even though he hadn’t drank the tea himself, he felt a drunkenness all his own, an arousal that was so intense it was unbearable. The mesh of Akari’s shirt, tight and clingy to her peachy skin, hugged her in all the right places. Her nipples were hard, suddenly exposed to the chill of the night, poking up against the fabric. Volo couldn’t wait to see Akari fully naked, just for him—as always, only for him.

Volo palmed her modest breasts possessively, feeling them so soft and warm against him. Akari moaned, tossing her head back and forth in pleasure, but even this attention from Volo wasn’t enough to quell the fires of need that burned within her. Even when he touched her like this, so rough and domineering, she still needed more.

Just getting this far with her had Volo fully hard. It made his head spin. His rational thoughts and self-control spiraled away, lost in the passion of the moment, his compulsion to claim her, to mark her as all his own, to breed her.

Volo rocked his erection against her, feeling the heat of her pussy against him through the tiny fabric that made up her leotard, even through his pants. He groaned when she rolled her hips up and towards him, Akari wordlessly but instinctually begging him to go further, to proceed with his plans, to knock her up.

Volo couldn’t take it any longer. He dug his fists into the sheer black fabric, yanking it up violently until it tore in his grip. Akari sighed in her state of total acceptance, even as her suit was pulled to shreds and she was made fully naked to satisfy Volo’s ever-growing hunger.

Volo paused for a moment to admire the way that Akari’s petite body looked unfurled and open for him to control and command. He leaned closer to her, kissing against the sides of her cheek, pressing his lips against her sensitive skin in a way that made her gasp.

He kissed against her ear before whispering so gently into it with all of his need, a need that only she could satisfy. “You’re perfect for me, Akari.”

Akari brought her arms up around his shoulders as he kissed against the curve of her neck, letting his teeth graze along her flesh gently, possessively. She grabbed the fabric of his jacket as hard as she could manage in her condition, moaning weakly as Volo started to gently suck against her skin. He worked hard, desperate to add more black and purple marks to the collection he’d left across her neck—the whole point behind her scarf in the first place.

Akari could hardly believe what was happening. The severe, greedy way that Volo touched her had her seeing stars. While their sex always felt incredible, Volo knowing every button that made her weak when pressed, it felt particularly amazing tonight, beyond anything she was used to. There was a difference in both the way she felt and in Volo’s behavior that made tonight so special. She was thoughtless, joined with Volo in the wonderful sensations that he continued to grant her, the pleasure that she felt each time he pressed down against her, with each brush of his lips or his tongue against her skin.

“You’re mine,” Volo growled, releasing Akari’s neck. Akari could tell from sensation alone that it would already be bruised before he was through with her. “All mine.”

Volo brushed his hands up and down Akari’s chest, down the slopes of her ribs, across the smooth plane of her belly, rolling his thumbs into the curves of her hips. Akari arched into his touches, wrapping her legs around Volo’s thighs to try and press his cock closer to her, to beg him to go further.

“Say it.” He slammed her waist down firmly, pushing his tented erection against her with an intensity that made Akari yelp.

“I-I’m…” Akari could hardly get the words out when he grinded down against her like that. He wouldn’t stop, he kept going. “I’m… yours… I’m all yours, Volo…”

Volo flashed a wicked smile at her confession. He sunk down across her body, trailing kisses as he went, his hands grasping and massaging all of her body, all of her flesh as he found his place between her legs.

Akari was embarrassed, still nervous about him being so close and personal with her pussy. She blushed, turning her head away from the fierce way that Volo looked up at her. He pushed her legs apart when she tried to clamp them closed.

“I own you.” Volo’s voice was low. He kept eye contact with her and he lapped his tongue slowly along the lips of her pink pussy, rolling it so gently along her clit. “My sweet girl.”

Akari cried out, shuddering as he pressed his tongue into her exactly how she loved it. She didn’t need to tell him anything; he studied her with devotion, memorizing the exact methods that unraveled her, that rendered her helpless underneath his assault.

“Don’t fight it, Akari…” Volo breathed before he kissed her clit the same way he would if they were making out, swirling his tongue around it in a way that made Akari’s head spin circles. “Just trust me. Let it feel good.”

And feel good she did—impossibly good. Akari couldn’t remember ever feeling this good. She felt like she was cumming, but slowly, throughout her entire body, in a way that wouldn’t fully come no matter how overstimulating his hot, wet tongue felt against her.

Volo sucked so gently against the slope of her clit, so delicately that it sent her crashing over the edge, pushing her over the brink into a sudden, shuddering orgasm. She could hardly believe how amazing it felt as she came into the warmth of his mouth. Akari was shocked at how good it felt. Even after she came down, glowing from it, Volo still lapped against her, egging her on.

It wasn’t enough. It would never be enough. Even though Akari had just cum, she needed more.

“Ah~!” Akari moaned, threading her hands into his soft, blond hair. “Please, more!”

Volo released her clit, licking his lips, studying the way Akari looked so desperate and needy for him, for what he was about to do.

“Tell me what you want, my angel.” Volo grinned.

“Inside me!” Akari’s voice was breaking from this numbing euphoria that only Volo could provide her with. “I want you inside me!”

Volo brushed a finger against her pussy, savoring the feeling of her cum slick against his fingers. He wondered how it would feel when he came inside her, filling her up with all the cum he’d saved just for her, just for this perfect moment. Before he realized, lost in the fantasy, he let his fingers slip inside her, savoring the way Akari’s pussy hugged him tightly, so feverishly.

Despite Volo fulfilling her request, his fingers sliding into her until he was hilted inside her wet cunt all the way to his knuckles, it wasn’t enough. Akari groaned, rutting her hips against where he fucked her with a painfully gentle rhythm, teasing her.

“More, please!” Akari started to beg once she realized her wordless pleas she’d made when she fucked herself on his fingers weren’t working, weren’t satisfying her tremendous arousal.

Volo was eager to please, to provide Akari with all that he’d groomed her to crave.

“Alright, sweetheart…” He breathed, watching as Akari easily took three of his fingers inside her instead of the two he’d been fucking her with. “If it hurts, let me know and I’ll stop.”

Volo had no intention of stopping—even if she begged him.

His sickly sweet voice drove Akari crazy. The way he pressed his fingers into her, massaging her deep inside, twirling and spreading her apart still wasn’t enough, driving Akari further into her desperation, her hysteria.

“Mooooooore….” She moaned low and loud, her eyes rolling back when Volo slammed inside her suddenly after her request.

“My, my…” He let his fingers slide out of her. She whined but stopped once Volo slid onto his knees, releasing his cock from his pants— finally . He was impossibly hard, his cock flushed red with exhilaration. “What a needy girl you are. Do you really want it that bad?”

Volo lined himself up against her, his breath hitching in his throat as he felt how wet she was against his cock. He slid against her pussy for two or three thrusts, enough to coat himself in her cum before pressed the head of his raw cock against her pussy—the one he’d so carefully primed with fertility drugs just for this purpose, just for this union, this way that he was about to claim her and all that she was.

He grabbed her thighs, pushing them up so her legs pressed into her chest, forcing her into a mating press. He thrust himself inside her all at once, fully impaling her on the length of his cock in a way that made her gasp and cry out.

“Yes!” She mewled, satisfaction beginning to hit her now that she could feel the full length of his cock twitching inside her, pressing against her womb.

Volo could hardly take it. She was so perfect. Her body was designed all for him, ideal in every way. He fucked her slow, deep, not wanting to pull out more than he had to as he savored the way that her pussy sucked his cock, squeezing it, trying to hold it as deep inside as possible. With each set of thrusts he picked up the speed, pulling out a little more, hammering into her harder, slamming against the place where she needed his cock the most.

Akari was lost in it, lost in the feeling of Volo taking all that she had. The sound of their sex so loud and wet, skin slapping against skin. Volo kissed against her neck, her collarbones, fucking her harder and harder until all Akari could do was whimper helplessly under wave after wave of indescribable pleasure.

Volo was going to do it. Each time his cock kissed up against the innermost parts of Akari, he repeated the thought to himself, fueling his desire to breed her, to impregnate her, to mark her womb with his cum. It was going to happen. It was moments away. He wouldn’t pull out, he’d keep going. Poor Akari didn’t have a clue about what he was doing, she didn’t stand a chance—the innocent girl hadn’t known a thing about sex until he’d introduced her to it.

There was no way for Akari to escape her fate. He was certain it would happen, that he’d claim her in the final way that a man could claim her. Even if it didn’t, he wouldn’t stop. He’d fuck her as many times as it took; he never, ever ran out stamina when it came to this sweet, teenage girl.

“Feels… so good!” Akari breathed, watching shyly with awe at how hard and fast Volo fucked her, how his cock disappeared inside her, swelling her tummy just faintly when he hilted himself fully inside.

When she talked like that Volo felt his cock pulse, aching to finish her, to pump into her with all that he had. His arms shook just faintly, the surreal bliss of their sex washing over both parties. Volo pushed her legs down further, forcing his cock in just an inch deeper, leaning himself down so he could kiss against her lips, so he could feel how she panted against his tongue when he licked hers in their messy French kiss.

“I’m—” Akari gasped into Volo’s mouth. Her pussy shuddered around Volo’s cock. “I’m gonna—”

“Yeah…” Volo hummed, praising her. “That’s a good girl. Do it, cum for me.”

Tears of bliss gently rolled down Akari’s cheeks when Volo picked up the pace, eager to make her cum on his cock, knowing he was getting dangerously close to finally committing the taboo act he ultimately desired.

“I’m going to breed you, Akari,” He didn’t care anymore if she knew what he was talking about or not, too deep in the trance that came to him on the brink of orgasm. “I’m really going to do it. You’re so perfect. You’re the perfect choice to carry on the Celestican bloodline…”

He rolled his head back, feeling Akari twitch in the way she always did when she was seconds away from cumming underneath him. Her pussy kept drawing him in deeper, hungry for him to give her everything he had.

“Oh, Akari…” He felt himself falling into the heat of his intoxication, the magnificence of the moment. “You’re mine forever .”

Akari couldn’t stop herself from cumming when he said it, unraveling into a mess under his command, his authority and control over both her body and mind. It tipped Volo over the edge to feel it, all of it, especially when Akari started to reach up to him to kiss him again.

Volo felt all the heat pool from his stomach, draining through him. He fucked her harder than he ever had before, savoring Akari’s submission to his will. He hissed, Akari whispering soft ‘Yes’s between their kisses they shared.

He came hard and heavy, hot and thick inside her, pushing the tip of his cock right up against her womb. He didn’t let a drop of it escape her, holding still after he’d done it, feeling all the tension in his body finally relax.

Akari felt the heat of it in her tummy, swelling her lower abdomen with how much of it he’d gifted to her. She sighed, feeling so connected to him, so in love with him. With his cum safely inside her, she finally felt satisfied, the calling that the herbs Volo had drugged her with finally answered.

Volo kissed her once more, pulling out slowly, bringing her up and into his arms when he let himself crash down to the side of her. He petted the back of her head gently, so softly, his arms coiled protectively around her.

Akari nestled herself into the place she loved against his chest, listening to the way his heartbeat slowed, calming to a gentle lull. She pulled one of the blankets over and around them, feeling Volo’s cum still so warm inside her, so deep that it hadn’t even begun to leak out of her—and she didn’t want it to.

Akari kissed the sloped angle of his chin before nuzzling back into his glowing warmth.

She whispered, “I love you…”